Enjoy Scenic Safari Train Travel on the Madaraka Express Journey to Finch Hattons

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According to Pintrest Predicts, the annual reporting featuring the trends expected to rise in 2023, pins for 'train trip aesthetic’ went up 205% as millennials and Gen Z appreciate the seamless boarding and lower carbon footprint of hybrid travel. With train travel as a more desirable means of travel for 2023, it is even possible in Africa’s most remote parts, as Finch Hattons highlights the Madaraka Express Passenger Service for guests to take a scenic train ride through Nairobi, getting off at Mtito Andei station before embarking on a game drive through Tsavo National Park to Finch Hattons.

The Madaraka Express offers both a sustainable and unique way to experience a safari in Kenya before entering the campsite. After arriving in Nairobi, guests will take a relaxing three-hour train ride across the Nyiri Desert while passing villages like Mariakani, groups of wildlife, and Baobab trees that can be as much as 10 ft in diameter and two thousand years old. The train, which typically operates daily, will leave from Nairobi Terminus at 8 a.m. and arrive at Mtito Andei station at 10:50 a.m. For only $12 USD, first class passengers will enjoy a large comfortable seat with extensive leg room, a dining car, and stunning views making this train ride both affordable and eco-friendly. Once arriving at Mtito Andei Station, guests will then take a 1.5 hour scenic drive through Tsavo National Park to Finch Hattons. Throughout the drive, guests will experience the landscape and wildlife of Kenya's largest National Park brimming with wildlife including Tsavo's famous red elephants, lions, leopards, and lesser kudu. 

Over the last 30 years, Finch Hattons has worked to preserve the pristine wilderness it inhabits of Tsavo National Park and the surrounding local Maasai community. The environmentally friendly camp design at Finch Hattons leaves a gentle mark on nature, featuring 17 eco-tents elevated off the ground to ensure a minimal footprint and rooms crafted with locally-sources makuti palm leaves. The Maasai people have worked and lived in the same area for generations with Finch Hattons, employing many Maasai people as guides to spotlight their lands and educate guests on the indigenous Maasai culture and traditions. 

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