Discover the Rustic Charm of Outdoor Saunas

We all enjoy pampering ourselves a little from time to time, and there’s nothing quite like the experience of stepping into the soothing warmth of an outdoor sauna, nestled within the tranquil surroundings of your own backyard or garden.

Indeed, it’s precisely this kind of convenience that has made outdoor sauna installations popular in the United States, turning a once aspirational feature into a luxurious addition that practically anyone can enjoy at home these days.

Rather than travel elsewhere to enjoy the relaxing spa lifestyle, imagine having a beautifully crafted sauna that’s ready to use whenever you want, designed for your leisure and located in the privacy of your own property.

It’s certainly an enticing thought, especially when you discover the design options available, allowing you to create a custom sauna retreat that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

More Space for the Sauna of Your Dreams

Although indoor sauna installations are popular, not everyone has the space inside their homes to accommodate such a project, and not every room is suitable. By comparison, there are far more design options available for outdoor saunas, given the increased space available.

To give you a better idea, Almost Heaven outdoor saunas come in a variety of delightful styles. These include the smooth and shapely look of barrel sauna designs, and the enduring appeal of cabin-style saunas, each with their own rustic and traditional charm.

What’s more, alongside being your own personal relaxation retreat, you can also think bigger and more sociably with an outdoor sauna, creating a space that your family and friends can also enjoy or the centerpiece for gatherings.

So, with the freedom to plan within an exterior space, your deluxe new sauna can be designed to accommodate anywhere between two and eight people, all without feeling cramped or inconvenienced.

Using Natural Materials to Compliment Your Space

When you’re planning for an outdoor sauna in your backyard or garden, complimenting the surrounding space is often part of the appeal, and using natural materials is the best way to achieve that aim.

Now, imagine how beautiful a cabin-styled outdoor sauna would look, made with durable eco-friendly Nordic Spruce sourced in Europe. Consider the curvaceous appeal of a barrel sauna design, crafted with the finest Rustic Cedar or Fir, and sustainably sourced from North America.

Wood has a timeless natural appeal and charm, which not only looks great for sauna design and fits with the traditional Finnish origins of outdoor saunas, but also serves a practical function due to the inherent thermal properties.

Such materials help you to forge a connection with the natural world, from the touch and feel of authentic timber to the rich aromas generated by authentic woods, all adding to the alluring sensations of the outdoor sauna experience.

Creating Your Outdoor Sauna Oasis

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be creative with your outdoor sauna designs. In fact, we took a closer look at an impressive floating sauna concept several years ago, that even had to be registered as a vessel for use on lakes and ponds near Seattle, Washington.

Although that’s quite an extreme example of creative flair, there’s nothing to stop you from locating an outdoor sauna so it overlooks a lake or river, allowing you to enjoy stunning views as you relax and unwind.

Nevertheless, there are some practicalities you need to consider, and the location of your outdoor sauna is just one of them. Whether the sauna comes in kit form or prefabricated, it will need a solid base that can support the weight, and don’t forget to check local planning regulations.

So, give plenty of careful thought about the design of your new outdoor sauna, how it will fit with the surrounding space, whether nestled among trees and plants or situated within a matching timber decking structure. But always think about practicalities, including how you will access and use the sauna.

Final Thoughts

As you have now gathered, planning your own exclusive outdoor sauna retreat has great appeal. Done well, this little piece of paradise in your backyard or garden will bring years of pleasure, all within the convenience and privacy of your own property, allowing you to enjoy the warm caress of heat that only a luxurious and relaxing sauna can provide.

But just as important, do plenty of research before you choose the designs and styles that will suit your every preference, and seek the advice of experts who can guide you along every step of the journey to backyard bliss. After all, it’s not every day you have a delightful sauna installed in your property, so take your time and explore all the possibilities.


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