November Sales Show an Increase, Automakers Report

Luxury Cars: Tis the season to be jolly for automakers, indeed, as reported sales figures for November and year to date 2010 figures are up substantially over 2009s. As of December 1, eleven carmakers have released their monthly and year to date sales. Ten of those 11 companies reported noteworthy increases over the preceding year's figures.

Hyundai reported that November was its most successful sales month ever. The company had an increase of 85 percent over monthly sales and a YTD increase through November of 23 percent over 2009.

While BMW had the best November rise for luxury vehicles with a 27.1 percent increase, its year to date sales for 2010 is only 9.3 percent higher than YTD sales through 2009. Mercedes-Benz reported a 13.3 percent increase for this year's November's monthly sales and a year-to-date improvement of 19.4 percent. MBZ's monthly sales figures are the highest it has reported since November2007. Total cars sold for the month of November are 19,037.

G.M.'s luxury brand, Cadillac, with more than 130,000 cars sold through November 2010, reported an increase of YTD sales over 2009's figures of 38 percent. Ford Motors reported a monthly increase of 24 percent for 2010, and a 21 percent increase in increase in YTD sales by comparison.

As of December 1, Toyota is the only automaker reporting a decrease in both monthly and YTD comparisons. Sales are down 3.2 percent for November and 7.3 percent overall compared to YTD sales through November 2009.Lexus, the firm's luxury brand, while experiencing a 5.5 percent drop for November, is up 8 percent over 2009's YTD sales.

Sales Figures Comparions: 2010 versus 2009

Company-- %Change Monthly Sales-- % Change YTD

Acura +22% +24.6%
American Honda +16.1% +5.9%
BMW +27.1% +9.3%
Cadillac* +21% +38%
Ford +22.2% +24.6%
Hyundai +85% +23%
Kia +48.2% +16.8%
MBZ +13.3% +19.4%
Suburu +23% +22%
Toyota -3.2% -7.3%
VW +24.2% +20.7%

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