Bugatti Collaborates with Bernar Venet to Create the World's Fastest Artwork

Bugatti prides itself in offering a virtually endless array of color combinations for its exclusive Veyron supercar, but this particular example goes even beyond the Alsatian marque's considerable palette. Touted as the fastest piece of artwork ever created, this unique Veyron Grand Sport has been specially painted by New York-based French artist Bernar Venet, putting it into that rarefied breed of Art Cars.

Venet started with quite the canvas: the Veyron Grand Sport is the convertible version of Bugatti's record-breaking performance automobile. Its 8.0-liter quadruple turbocharged sixteen-cylinder engine produces over one thousand horsepower to propel the car past 250 miles per hour. Short of the Vitesse version of the same car, that makes the Grand Sport the fastest convertible on the market.

Noah Joseph

Noah Joseph is a veteran automotive journalist and lifestyle writer whose words have been published in print and online media around the world. A military reservist and multinational citizen, Noah lives with his wife and son in the mountains above the Mediterranean Basin. ...(Read More)

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