Jan. 22nd, 2013

Bentley Announces 22 Percent Increase in Global Sales in 2012

Bentley Motors
Photo Courtesy of Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors announced its sale figures in 2012. Apparently, these glowing sales reports for the luxury auto market are ubiquitous, as the British automaker reported a worldwide growth in year-over-year sales of 22 percent.

The firm sold a total of 8,510 cars, which keeps Bentley’s position as the leading manufacturer of luxury vehicles globally intact. Every international region showed an increase, as Bentley global sales network increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year.
 Bentley Motors

The Americas was the largest global market, delivering 2,457 to customers, showing a 22-precent increase over the previous year. China was second with 2,253 cars sold; it was the most cars ever delivered to the country, reflecting a year-over-year increase of 23 percent. Sales in Russia improved by 37 percent in 2012. The Middle East and the Asia Pacific both experienced a 44-percent increase compared to the previous year. Japan, which sold 190 cars in 2012 and 110 in 2011, experienced a 73-percent increase for the year.
 Bentley Motors Mulsanne

“2012 has been an excellent year for Bentley. This strong performance was possible due to our continuing investment in new models and the hard work and commitment of a highly motivated Bentley team,” said Wolfgang Schreiber, chairman and chief executive of Bentley. “We expect the luxury market in 2013 to continue to be challenging but, with significant new model introductions, we believe we have the potential to maintain growth throughout the year.”

China is showing every sign of becoming the automaker’s leading region for sales by 2020, as the Bentley Mulsanne showed a 10-percent growth for the year.  Four out of every 10 Mulsannes were sold in China. The Diamond Jubilee special edition of Bentley’s flagship model for the China market sold well. The country is Bentley’s largest market for four-door vehicles.  

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