Tesla of Motorcycles Announced - $120K Electric Motorcycle with Patented Design

Curtiss Motorcycle Co., a luxury electric motoring brand focused on building the best and finest hand-crafted motorcycles in the world, today announced The 1, its debut flagship product designed to offer the world’s most desirable two-wheeled experience and usher in a new age of luxury motoring.  The 1 changes the way motorcycles ride, look and feel, offering both new and experienced riders perfect balance, ideal proportion and hyper-luxury, hassle-free control.   In addition, Curtiss today announced it has received a Notice of Allowance for its patented Axis-Centered Design operating system, which now, for the first time ever, makes the motorcycle entirely and completely symmetrical, offering riders a balanced, easy, smooth ride. The perfectly-centered design will first be used in The 1.    

To allow motorcycle, luxury, sustainability and EV fans alike to take part in the company’s journey, Curtiss is giving investors a ground floor opportunity to own the motorcycle brand of the future through its ongoing direct-to-investor offer.  More information is at Invest — Curtiss Motorcycle Co. (   Key reasons to invest in Curtiss Motorcycles include:

  • Curtiss’ valuation relative to others makes this a true ground floor opportunity
  • Curtiss’ patent protected Axis Centered Design is the future of motorcycle architecture
  • This protected platform is modular, radically scalable and will be used on every future Curtiss motorcycle
  • Like Tesla, Curtiss is starting at the top, with the smallest-viable audience, and will work its way down the market, always staying luxury relative to others
  • Curtiss is the first, and only, luxury brand in the space
  • Like Tesla's entry into the electric automotive market, Curtiss enters the market for the electric motorcycle at a time when there is no market leader, nor awareness, by any other brand
  • Like Tesla, Curtiss enters its market with a clear advantage on technology and design
  • Curtiss’ thermal management technology yields best-in-industry efficiency with application to all forms of battery-based electrification


 “Curtiss is offering motorcycle and EV enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of the company and join us on our journey as the world’s leading electric motorcycle brand,” Matt Chambers, CEO of Curtiss Motorcycle Co.  “The electric motorcycle industry is poised for huge growth and we are proud to be leading the charge.”   As the company celebrates its 120th anniversary, it is bringing the “Tesla of Motorcycles” to the roads.  Curtis Motorcycles is the first luxury electric motorcycle brand and The 1 introduces seven “firsts” to the motorcycle industry:

  • First to feature perfectly centered construction
  • First to ever be truly designed and built from the inside-out
  • First with geometric and ergonomic adjustability
  • First to be precision-machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum and titanium
  • First to feature a full immersion, liquid-cooled battery pack
  • First proprietary a battery/radiator/backbone singularity
  • First to be designed for radical scale

“As the first and only luxury electric motorcycle in the world, The 1 demonstrates how the new age of electrification has forever changed what is possible on two wheels,” continued Chambers.  “The 1 turns heads everywhere it rides with its beautiful, harmonious balance and proportion. Its patented, modular proprietary platform architecture will serve as the basis for every future Curtiss motorcycle.”

 Curtiss’ founder, Glenn Hammond Curtiss, began manufacturing motorcycles in 1902, inventing the iconic all-American v-twin. 120 years later, The 1 honors Glenn’s historic, lasting legacy, becoming the icon for electric transportation.  The collection will be a limited edition of 120 electric motorcycles. Enthusiasts eager to pre-order the $120,000 USD masterpiece can make a deposit at Reserve The 1 by Curtiss | 120 Collection — Curtiss Motorcycle Co. (

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