Meet the World's Newest Solar-Powered Catamaran Yacht

Ingemansson 1

Photos Credit: Dennis Ingemansson

A new catamaran concept has been launched by Swedish designer Dennis Ingemansson and Egon Faiss of the yachtbuilders Nedship Group. Dreamed up during 2015’s Monaco Yacht Show, the 50 meter boat its final design stages, intended to reduce the time it would take to reach the build phase once cleared for construction. The catamaran, which is able to be adapted to shorter lengths, is solar-powered, which is the Nedship Group’s specialty. The main focus of this design is to be as green as possible, so the designers included over 160 meters of solar cells, which are included in the boat’s exterior surfaces. The large solar cell area, combined with a hybrid propulsion system and wind turbine inclusion, offers the owner several ways to hit the high seas while reducing his or her carbon footprint. 

Ingemansson 2

At the moment, they are focusing on the charter market, with the inclusion of two owner’s suites on the owner’s deck, sitting directly above the main level. Guest accommodations are below, on the main and lower decks, in the form of four double en suite rooms. There is space for crew as well, though their design is focused on optimizing technology to reduce the number needed to operate the vessel. At present, the design doesn’t include a helicopter hangar, but it’s featured as an add-on should the client need to incorporate this for their catamaran. This would also allow for more solar cells to enhance the boat’s energy capabilities. Other additional options include submarines and tenders, which allow the owner to further explore their surrounding areas both above and below the water’s surface.

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