All Black Everything for This New Yacht Concept


Photos Credit: Timur Bozca

Yacht designer Timur Bozca has released a superyacht concept, called the Black Swan, which will appeal to the most stealth of customers. This all-black, steel and aluminum-hulled ship evokes the image of a shadow floating across the water and utilizes “simple lines with dramatic angles” and curves to produce a clean, elegant design. The vessel is also designed to be aerodynamic, creating a distinct, streamlined silhouette while improving performance at the same time. The Black Swan comes equipped with a helicopter platform, which sits on the top deck and is accessed via a concealed elevator. The aft deck features what Bozca calls “an extended beach club, which includes a pool.” The pool has a waterfall that leads to the boat’s stern and lounge chairs are dotted throughout the deck.


The two balconies are another notable feature, and they’re located at the boat’s bow. They’re enclosed by glass railings, so as not to obstruct the view, creating an “infinity” balcony of sorts. All of the elements mentioned play into Bozca’s focus on “land-based architecture,” which he wanted to incorporate into the Black Swan as much as possible. The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests with one master suite and six guest suites and is powered by four engines, generating up to 23,172 horsepower in total.

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