Can China be a Driving Force in the Superyacht Industry?

Last fall the world-leading, Chinese superyacht manufacturer Pride Mega Yachts launched a new 88.8 meter superyacht called Illusion at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show. A display that highlighted the innovation and luxury behind the country's yacht industry. China has earned a reputation for its production of luxury superyachts, as market production and exports have been steadily growing over the years.

While Europe is still the leading region for superyacht building, China’s yacht manufacturers in Guandong and Shandong show the potential to increase its share in the global production. But as its superyachts are making a splash abroad, China’s super rich have slowly began to turn their eyes to sailing back home, although it appears that it could take a while for yachting to truly take off in the country as a luxury past time.


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