The Latest Digital: Baselworld, Zegna & Ferrari

Luxury brands move to merge corporate content and eCommerce platforms, as Ferrari integrates the Apple iPad mini and Siri technology into its FF hatchback

Will digital marketing bring new consumers to luxury brands? According to a new survey from Luxury Interactive and ShopIgniter the answer is a resounding yes. The study found that the leading business driver among luxury brand marketers, for investments in digital and social media, is in fact new customer acquisition.

63% of the luxury marketers surveyed predict that by 2015, digital marketing will be the most important form of marketing for their brands — more important than traditional print, TV or loyalty programs. This very year 85% will increase their digital spend and 72% will increase spending on social media marketing.

“While acquiring new customers in social media is logical given the demographics it draws, luxury brands need to develop strategies built on extending their brand promise, inviting fans in and providing the exclusivity they expect,” explained Marko Muellner, VP marketing at ShopIgniter, in a statement.

“Our experience shows that roughly half of a brand’s social fans are not in the house file, which means there is ample opportunity to not only introduce the brand to a new customer, but also find opportunities to drive product discovery, generate new customer insight and move prospects closer to a purchase decision.”

Sophie Doran

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