Help! Mystery Couple is Captured Mid-Proposal Under a Rainbow, Photographer Launches Search to Find Them

Photos Credit: Dan McGeorge Gallery

It’s one of those days that you’ll remember forever, recalling the events leading up to it and which words were said; we’re of course, talking about your engagement day. If you propose in San Diego, you’re more than likely going to be treated to a pink and purple sunset as your backdrop.

hotel del coronado

But what is not as typical, is the full rainbow that straddled the Hotel del Coronado on January 31 during one such couple’s engagement. The rare rainbow sunset was captured by local photographer Dan McGeorge. What he didn’t realize at the time, however, was that he had accidentally photographed the couple’s engagement as well.

hotel del coronado

After the rainbow faded away, McGeorge met the couple on the beach and used their camera phone to take a few photos. It was only later, upon inspecting his own image, did he realize he had captured the couple hand-in-hand during the exact moment of their engagement.

Now, with your help, he’s trying to track down the mystery lovers to give them a framed canvas of the moment. The couple is not from San Diego, so this is a nationwide search. If you think you may know the couple, McGeorge can be reached at 619-522-9902 or e-mail us at

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