DLG Intelligence Names Top Luxury CEOs Searched for Online in 2014

Top Luxury Leader Infographic

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DLG Intelligence, a dimension of the Digital Luxury Group (DLG) in Geneva, Switzerland, recently completed a year’s data to discover which luxury leaders were most searched online. The study ranks over 500 luxury brands and groups’ Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Directors and Divisional Heads.

This research is based on information derived from 8.5 million online searches on the world’s top search engines, and is issued in partnership with DLG’s Luxury Society division. The data period for this collection was 12 months from January to December of 2014. The highlights of this study are below:

elon musk
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Elon Musk is the Top Luxury CEO

Forty-three-year-old Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is the most searched luxury leader. The serial entrepreneur, who is also CTO of SpaceX and Chairman of SolarCity, generates a lot of attention for his disruptive vision. According to DLG Intelligence, Tesla is the 12th most sought-after luxury car brand worldwide and consumer interest for the brand has increased rapidly over the past year. The rise in interest for Mr. Musk has been even more rapid than interest for Tesla.

Chairman and CEO of Kering, François-Henri Pinault, is the third most searched luxury leader, after just 10 years of being appointed to the role. Some interest corresponds to his wife Salma Hayek and the Kering Foundation, which they are both part of. Interest for Mr. Pinault has increased faster than for Kering.

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The Arnault Family Dominates the Top 10

Bernard Arnault who multiplies the actions of corporate philanthropy is the second most searched luxury leader. “Whether one chooses to admire or admonish Mr. Arnault’s aggressive approach, his influence is undeniable. He has effectively revolutionized the way that luxury brands are organized, marketed and sold, and the way in which luxury is understood," notes Sophie Doran, Managing Director at Luxury Society.

LVMH’s Arnault family clearly dominate the top 10 most sought-after luxury CEOs. The family impressively holds three spots in the top 10: Bernard Arnault (No. 2), Antoine Arnault (No. 6) and Delphine Arnault (No. 9).Bernard Arnault, 37, CEO of Berluti and Director at LVMH, and Delphine Arnault, 39, Executive Vice President of LVMH, are the two youngest leaders among the top 100.

Miuccia Prada
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Three Times More Women Than in the Fortune 500

Men dominate the luxury industry’s leading positions. Of the top 100 luxury leaders, only 14 are women and only two make the top 10: Miuccia Prada co-CEO of Prada Group (No. 4) and Delphine Arnault, Director and Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton (No. 9.)

“Although the men dominate the ranking, the proportion of women in CEO roles within luxury is higher than the proportion of women in Fortune 500 CEO roles. In 2014, women only held about 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEO roles but they hold 14 percent in our Top Luxury CEOs ranking.” commented David Sadigh, Founder & CEO at Digital Luxury Group.

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Nysschen, Sarna and Chiquet Quickly Emerging As New Influencers

Mr. Nysschen left Nissan’s Infinity luxury car division in July to become President at Cadillac and Executive Vice President at General Motors. The leader’s transition gathered tremendous attention. Cadillac is currently the tenth most sought after luxury car brand and has seen an important increase of consumer interest in the past year.

After 30 years at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Rakesh Sarna was appointed Managing Director and CEO at Indian Hotels Company Limited, owner of Taj Hotels Resorts, among others. According to this study, interest for Rakesh Sarna has also increased faster than Taj Hotels over the past year.

Maureen Chiquet, CEO of Chanel SA since January 2007, is the third fastest growing luxury CEO ranking 33rd. Mrs. Chiquet is one of the 10 founding corporate members of the Private Sector Leadership Advisory Council of the United Nations which focuses on women’s economic empowerment. Interest for Mrs. Chiquet has risen more quickly than the brand she represents in 2014.

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