14 Questions with Spring Saunders, CEO of NY Jet Club

In a competitive industry, Spring Saunders is making waves in the private jet space. As the co-founder and CEO of The NY Jet Club, Saunders leads the all-female team with a concept that is both innovative and effective for a select clientele.

In partnership with Global Exec Aviation, NYJC owns and operates nine private jets, and concentrates on a service that is fast, efficient and cost effective for business executives. With one annual fee, clients choose the route you fly on most regularly, including Los Angeles to New York, New York to Dubai, New York to London, New York to Shanghai, and Los Angeles to Beijing. We recently sat down with Spring Saunders to find out what the day in the life of a young female CEO is like:

You were born in Japan, raised in Brazil, Europe and China as the only daughter out of seven children to humanitarians. How has this upbringing impacted who you are today?

Growing up internationally taught me number of incredibly helpful lessons; here are a few that I would like to share: 

1. You can completely change your life if you choose to. There are so many different worlds and just because you were born in one doesn't mean you need to stay in it.

2. Respect, appreciate and be understanding of all people, no matter how differently they think than you. There is always a reason for the way someone thinks.

3. Growing up with a lot of brothers made me tough and taught me to never let anyone push me around. 

Kimberly Fisher

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