From Blogger to Full-Time Entrepreneur: How this Founder is Building a Legacy for Her Family

I had a chance to sit down with the successful entrepreneur, Jess A. O’Connell to discuss her path to run a profitable venture while raising two young kids.

Jess started her business after her husband lost his job in 2018 and they went on government assistance. Her first launch generated $1500 in revenue, and it was the proof she needed to give it her full attention. After six months of testing and iterating her signature formula, Jess found herself generating $10K per month but she didn’t enjoy running her business. After launching no less than 10 programs in that six months, she was spinning many plates at once, trying to keep it all going, terrified to let one stop and drop. Then she started questioning whether being an entrepreneur is what she really wanted.

Jess took time to close down her offers and dedicated herself to making that one offer as profitable as possible before starting anything else new. By the end of her first year in business, she reached that highly coveted six figures. In 2020, Jess shifted her business serving a more aligned audience. One launch at a time, she narrowed her focus and re-built her business in a new niche. Now Jess helps clients create more revenue with their launches so they can get out of the cycle of feast and famine and start creating stacked launch revenue in their business. She has been featured in top-tier media including Yahoo! Finance,, and more

How did you become a launch coach? What does that involve?  

Years ago, when blogging was in its heyday, I had a successful blog and had grown an audience online because of it. And from that blog, I started and grew a coaching business helping people with their fitness (which was the theme of the blog). After launching my own offers and growing my audience, other coaches kept asking me how I was growing. That was when I discovered that I was better at online marketing than I was health and fitness, and I decided to pivot. I started teaching other health coaches how to create and launch their offers, and after years of experimenting, and learning, and helping people in all sorts of niches from dog grooming to beauty influencers, I became the go-to girl for launching your online course!

You've had an interesting journey from living on government assistance to running a highly successful business. What was the process? 

The first step for me was becoming fed up. I think a lot of people live in low-level discomfort most of the time and tolerate it because it’s easier to stay the same, even if they hate it than change. And when my husband lost his job and we were faced with the big pain of not living our purpose, it was a wake-up call.

After that decision to change, fed up with where we were, I got out of my own way and just started moving forward. Most people are too afraid to act because they might fail, and I knew we were already at the bottom, so it was only up from there. By moving forward and taking action, I started to see success, and that's how we got here. 

How do you manage to raise a family and run a business? 

In the beginning, I did it in any way I could. For almost nine months I worked my business exclusively from 9 pm-1 am every night. While not ideal, I was willing to do whatever it took to make my dream a reality, and if that meant burning the midnight oil after bedtime, that's what had to happen.

Now, I could not do it without my husband. When the pandemic hit, he left his job and became a stay-at-home dad. His willingness to take on a non-conventional parenting role and support my dream has been invaluable. With his help, I follow a work schedule that allows me to get work done during the day and still spend quality time with my kids. And no more late nights!

Covid-19 has put a damper on all of our travel plans but do you have any exciting trips planned? 

I had some really exciting trips canceled in 2020, including to Bali and Northern Ireland, but as soon as the world opens up, both are back on my list! I recently traveled to New Orleans for a team retreat, and it's been so nice to experience the world again. 

Where is your favorite vacation destination? Do you have a favorite hotel? 

I have to say Northern Ireland takes the cake. It is the most incredible place I have ever been and should be on everyone's bucket list! Ireland is exactly as beautiful as you imagine it is and I can't wait to get back! I hope to own a home there one day!

What is your splurge this year? 

Our big quarantine splurge was buying a new car! Our only way to get out of the house was to get in the car and drive, so we upgraded to a new Subaru Ascent from our old Hyundai Tucson. It is definitely a splurge and feels very luxe with all the fancy upgrades!

How can our readers find out more about your story?

My website is and I can be found on Instagram at

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