Teaching Women How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Tamar Hermes

Women real estate investors face a lot of challenges when it comes to working in the industry. The first challenge is that there are not enough women in the industry, which leads to a lack of female role models. Next, the second challenge is that women are often discouraged from investing in real estate because they think it's not for them and they should focus on other industries. Finally, the third challenge is that women don't know how to invest or what to invest in, which leads them to make mistakes and lose money.

As a way to help women overcome those challenges as well as make the process of real estate investing attainable, successful real estate investor-turned-author, Tamar Hermes wrote the insightful and informative book, The Millionairess Mentality: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate.

Broken down into eleven easy-to-read and interesting chapters, Hermes shares how her humble childhood shaped her adult belief system ultimately paving her way to success. Hermes also shares how she built an eight-figure real estate investing business from nothing and how any woman that is willing to learn can become a successful investor—regardless of their upbringing, education, skill set, and professional expertise.  

Jam-packed with valuable investing tips and real-world advice, The Millionairess Mentalityalso discusses:

•       Definition of a Millionairess Mentality: How anyone can cultivate such a mindset

•       Process of Setting SMART Goals: How to break goals into smaller, manageable tasks regardless of how large they may be

•       Financial Education: How women can understand their finances and create a realistic budget for their first investment property and generate a consistent annual return on investment

•       Options for Real Estate Investing: How women can determine the right investing options for their goals and overall lifestyle

•       The Right Investing Strategy: How women can develop and implement an investing strategy that will help them attain their short-term objectives and long-range goals

•       Finding Deals: Best ways women can find deals that are in their budget

•       Path to Passive Income: How women can easily become passive real estate investors

•       Real Estate Offers: How women can find sellers that will accept their offer and complete the transaction

•       Case of Property Management: How women can know whether property management is the right strategy for their investing goals

•       Hiring and Finding Partners: Easy ways women can find and hire the right team and partners

•       Income, Revenue, and Taxes: How women can maximize income and revenue while minimizing taxes

•       Negative Thinking and Limiting Beliefs: How women can stop the cycle of negative thinking and eliminate self-limiting beliefs

•       Expand and Diversify Portfolio: Simple ways women can grow their financial portfolios and diversify investments while managing risk

The Millionairess Mentality is one of the best books for any female who wants to build through real estate investing can read now. This is one of my go-to summer reading books.

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