This 3-Min Video Will Leave You Dreaming of Sushi, Karaoke & Towering Skyscrapers in Tokyo

Photo & Video Credit: Lukas Backland

One of my all-time favorite movies is Lost in Translation directed by Sofia Coppola. The film takes places in Tokyo and captures it in a way that immediately makes you add it to your travel bucket list. I recently came across Lukas Backland’s three-minute video on the Japanese city and was immediately transported back to my initial excitement over the city. Backland’s snapshot of the destination is fun, intriguing and sets the stage for the kind of experience travelers can have in the city.

From sidewalk fare to stunning skyscrapers, blooming cherry blossoms, colorful markets and of course, karaoke singing, Tokyo has so many things to be captivated by. And if you’re really brave, you’ll try out some of their famously-unique delicacies like gourmet insects at the Mandarin Oriental. Otherwise, just book a room at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo (as Charlotte and Bob Harris do in the movie) and call it a day.

Nicolle Monico

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