Paris Day & Night Captures the Beauty of the City from the Eiffel Tower to Skatepark de Bercy

Photo/Video Credit: Teeter Totter Tam

Vacationers may be hard pressed to see all the beauty that the City of Light has to offer, but a new short, Paris Day & Night, gives viewers a spectacular visual journey through the streets and landmarks of Paris. Filmmakers Сonstantine Konovalov and Irina Neustroeva used time-lapse and hyper-lapse video to create a five-minute clip that captures the magic of the city with the rising and setting of the sun. Drawing from the natural beauty of the metropolis as inspiration, the short moves with the day, allowing poor weather, tourists and traffic jams to be a part of the city’s symphony. Without the use of drones or modern gadgets, the film is created entirely from snapshots and video footage taken at different vantage points throughout the region. By showing the charm of the neighborhood parks and the everyday lives of the Parisians, it tempts visitors away the comfort of their luxury hotel and well-known destinations like the Eiffel Tower, and encourages them to spend time in some of the lesser known backstreets where the true heartbeat of the city lies.

Marissa Stempien

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