A Royal Experience at Jaipur's Rajmahal Palace

What happens when you take a maharajah’s 18th century pleasure palace, open up the royal art collection and give a world-renowned designer the job of fixing it up? You get one of the world’s best-decorated new hotels: Jaipur’s Rajmahal Palace. Originally built in 1729, the Suján Rajmahal Palace is now one of India’s most stunning city hotels. And with just 14 rooms and suites (though more are planned) and round-the-clock service, staying there feels like a royal experience.

In fact, the property still belongs to the royal family of Jaipur (and flies the royal standard). Back in its heyday, the palace played host to the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Lord Mountbatten and Jackie O., among other luminaries, and many of the suites are named after famous erstwhile guests. The palace got a new lease on life about three years ago when the queen mother (the current maharajah is still a teenager) turned over management of the property to Suján Luxury. They also operate luxury safari camps in India and Africa, and were tasked with renovating the hotel and turning it into a new landmark property.

Eric Rosen

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