Sanya Horizons Boasts Hanging Gardens And An Infinity Pool That Cantilevers' Above The Ocean

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Architects büro ole scheeren designs a resort hotel with hanging gardens for Sanya Horizons in Hainan Island, China. The place gives guests an ecological retreat with the surrounding tropical environment and stunning beaches.

The resort stands 160m above its verdant veil and looks astounding with its stacked horizontal volumes strategically curved to embrace the ocean. Thus, providing guests with sweeping views towards the blue and the lush greenery. Each hotel room has its own private terrace and unobstructed sea views.

In between the volumes lie a wide spectrum of natural plantings and gardens that nearly doubles the amount of green space found on the site.

The opening forms a vertical jungle of hanging gardens that guests can immerse in on every floor. Thus, providing a more holistic and synergetic experience of Sanya Horizons. 

Speaking of the gardens, visitors can also bask in the beauty of the verdant landscape on the ground floor. It is home to various unique species, biotopes, pavilions, and experiences.

They further complement and blend the natural with the built environment to create what architect Ole Scheeren describes as “the merging of architecture and nature into a space of synergetic habitat.”

Sanya Horizons echoes the ocean waves and ripples and has one of the world’s largest giant infinity-edge Horizon pools. The pool cantilevers above the ocean. It gives guests the feeling of bathing toward the surf of the beach in mid-air.

Moreover, this is a sustainable hotel that pays respect to its natural habitat. Multiple large-scale openings minimize structural wind loads and room layouts use natural cross-ventilation to reduce the need for mechanical cooling.

Meanwhile, the facade protects from the sun’s rays through a deep hexagonal grid of balconies and walkways, thereby reducing the building’s energy footprint. 


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