South America's Chilean Patagonia Adventure Travel Itinerary

This is an incredible expedition that will take you from mountain summit to the Pacific Ocean on one continuous journey. You will climb the imposing Tres Monjas, journey along remote Andean cowboy routes and negotiate some of the most challenging white water in the world in order to complete a unique journey through one of South America's last true frontiers.

Based on the belief that people are looking to challenge themselves through immersive and intrepid travel experiences, Epic Tomato, an expedition led adventure offering from Black Tomato, presents a truly unforgettable excursion.



What you can expect:

  • The chance to take on a uniquely challenging and diverse adventure through the incredible landscapes of Patagonia which will require you to successfully negotiate a huge range of physical disciplines from climbing to abseiling, downhill mountain biking and white water rafting.
  • The challenge of conquering the 6,600-foot summit of Tres Monjas, before descending back down its face by abseil.
  • The experience of learning traditional riding skills from Andean cowboys, before riding along remote trails that few tourists have ever accessed.
  • The chance to tackle some of the most thrilling Class V white-water rafting imaginable on the Rio Futaleufú River, before finally completing your expedition by kayaking across Lake Yelcho to the Pacific.

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Learn How to Ride Like an Andean Cowboy


Saddle up:

  • After arriving in Argentina and meeting with your guides, you will be transferred for approximately six hours across the Andes Mountains to the Futaleufú Valley.
  • You will spend your first night at a private lodge located on the shores of the mighty Rio Futaleufú.
  • The following morning you will undergo intensive horse riding training led by local cowboys.
  • Then, you head off across some of the most rugged trails in the Southern Andes to a high mountain base camp.


Reach the Summit of Tres Monjas


Going up?

  • The next leg of your expedition will be spent summiting the towering, volcanic spires of Tres Monjas (6,600 feet).
  • Beginning with mountain scrambling, the climb will get technically more difficult as the day extends, ending with a final rock climb to the pinnacle of the summit.
  • From the top you will be able to enjoy endless views across the wild Patagonian landscapes, before abseiling down the mountain face to the glacier below.


Face Class V Rapids on Rio Futaleufú


It's not over yet:

  • The following day you will trek down the Futaleufú Valley, before moving onto mountain bikes for the remainder of the descent.
  • You will head towards the shores of the Rio Futaleufú, where you will then take on some of the harshest white water rivers in the world.
  • Over the next two days you’ll negotiate seemingly endless Class V rapids on the Rio Futaleufú.
  • You will finally reach the glacial Lake Yelcho and set up your beach camp for the night.
  • The final leg of your epic journey will then entail a kayak across the lake.
  • You will finally reach the glistening ocean at the end of your totally unique adventure across Patagonia.

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