A Foodie's Delight: Eating Your Way Through the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capital in the US, its a place where the earth and sky defy description, it has an abode of never-ending adobe architecture, and is a wonderful culinary destination. All of these descriptors and more define this 400-year-old, yet still totally hip, town of Santa Fe.

Located 7,000 feet above sea level, Santa Fe is surrounded by majestic mountains and the Rio Grande River. Santa Fe stops and steals hearts with its breathtaking beauty. Look up, down, sideways, in and out and you’ll find wonders in every direction marinated in charm and character. There is always a reason to be in this city, but one that calls to epicureans is the annual Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta. This four day gathering of gourmet glitterati which took place from September 24-28 this year celebrates fine food and wine through a series of events sure to tempt any foodie.

Diane Sukiennik & Michael Reiss

Diane Sukiennik is an internationally recognized writer, coach, keynote speaker, consultant, educator and licensed therapist. She is the author of The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options, 11th edition, Prentice Hall, the most widely used text in colleges and universities in the subject area. A self-proclaimed 'leisurologist,' she speaks French and Spanish, is an avid world traveler and...(Read More)

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