This Short Film Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags and Set Sail to the Greek Isles

Photo & Video Credit: Ryan Clarke

If watching this video doesn’t make you wistful to take an impromptu vacation to sail around the Greek Isles, then I don’t know what else will. Shot in Kefalonia/Ithica, Greece on a Canon 60D with a 24-105mm lens by London-based Video Editor & Producer Ryan Clarke, Ionian is a short film about sailing the islands with his family.

But it’s more than just a home video, there’s a wonderful sense of nostalgia to the film that makes you feel close to Clarke’s family (especially around the 5:52 mark). Set to music by Michael Giacchino and Arcade Fire, the video plays through a kind of vintage jazz and waltz soundtrack before picking up speed towards the end. Colored in soft hues reminiscent of Instagram’s Nashville filter, the dreamy film is one you’ll most likely want to play a few times over (I know we did). 

If you don't already own something seaworthy, now might be the time to consider purchasing that sailboat you've been eyeing. Or if you're not quite ready to take the plunge, a luxury yacht charter is a great way to try out different boating styles before you buy. Either way, you might want to hire Clarke to tag along to make your own trip look this beautiful. 

Nicolle Monico

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