Discovering Québec's Food Scene in Montreal, Lanaudiere and Mauricie

Montrealers have three obsessions, I’m told. The first is the Canadian’s hockey team, the second is food and cycling takes third place. Though I’m an avid sports fan and bicycle rider (albeit back in the day), my trip to Québec involved numéro deux: its food. My mission was twofold: to forge an edible journey beyond Montreal’s traditionally tried-and-true poutine (fries and cheese curds topped with gravy), and to take a physical journey past the metropolis to what locals call authentic Québec.

My first stop was Montreal. Canada’s second largest city and a UNESCO city of design, it’s an appealing blend of North America and Europe. The population of Greater Montreal is 3.8 million—moderate by international standards—but it’s one of the world’s largest consumers of red wine and rivals New York City for the title “North America’s greatest number of restaurants per resident.” This is a city where even Starbucks has its own flair; it is called Café Starbucks. 

Cynthia Dial

Cynthia Dial is an admitted travel writing addict, and shares that she pinches herself each time she steps onto the promenade deck of a cruise ship, boards a train or settles into a plane seat to go to work. She's taken a city tour of Melbourne, Australia, from the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, hiked the Austrian Alps and learned to surf in Waikiki -- all for a good story. A special corres...(Read More)

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