Travel Around the World & Gain a Healthier Lifestyle on This $230K Wellness Trip

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There’s something to be said about having an accountability partner when looking to maintain a fitness routine. Having someone by your side through the process is undoubtedly much more helpful and definitely way more fun. However, when traveling, it’s generally just that much harder to keep up your wellness regimen. Luckily, Health & Fitness Travel has crafted the perfect trip for those looking to learn a healthier lifestyle while seeing the world. The best part is, you’ll be joined by other like-minded individuals during the journey and get the guidance of professional wellness teams and nutrition consultations along the way.

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With multiple stops in 20 countries, the Ultimate Luxury Around the World Wellness Trip is a one-year excursion from Spain to Brazil. Ideal for adults needing a healthy lifestyle overhaul, the trip is meant to be a long-term answer to wellness rather than a quick fix. Along the way, guests will get to experience fitness training, spa therapies and nutritional fare at each destination.

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From a Tai Chi class on the summit of Vietnam’s Marble Mountains to one-on-one kickboxing session with a British gold medalist in Ibiza, and yoga in India, participants will gain a wealth of knowledge in activities they may never have tried at home. When it comes to cuisine, travelers will get an inside look at how to use different techniques to prepare nourishing meals, will learn about cleansing juice detoxes and can participate in macrobiotic cooking classes.

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Of course, the trip won’t just be about eating right and sitting through nutrition sessions, the group will also get to enjoy plenty of fun activities. Hike Gros Piton Mountain in St Lucia, paraglide from the mountains of Oman, go zip-lining in Costa Rica’s rainforests and soak in Hawaii’s sights with a SUP experience. Whether you’re getting a bird’s eye view of Australia on a helicopter tour or getting up-close-and-personal with wildlife on a South African safari, your days will be filled with adventure and beneficial ways to stay healthy.

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The one-year trip starts at £156,000 (USD $237,700) per person with business class flights and luxury accommodations. A shorter six-month excursion is also available. The trip can be customized, but leaving from Spain in August is recommended. 

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