Adventures in New Zealand: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Queenstown Itinerary

In the far region of New Zealand’s south island is magical Queenstown. Equal parts adrenaline-charged action and jaw-dropping beauty, the city also offers pure luxury and an epicurean experience to rival the world’s best. Flying into Queenstown for the first time sets the scene. On final approach the aircraft dips into a valley between snow-covered mountains before the lake-front town comes into view. Queenstown is simply gorgeous.

If the weather is right, arriving in town is a sensory overload due to the pureness of the bracing winter and deep blue sky cradled by the snow-capped cliffs of “The Remarkables,” an 8,000-foot high mountain range. Queenstown feels like the perfect blend of Vail, Colorado and Switzerland. It is a mecca for all types of holiday-makers and the sheer number of visitors any time of the year dramatically outweighs the region’s local population.

I think this is one of the reasons Queenstown has this special vibe. It feels like everyone is relaxed and happy. What is also unique about this place is that it is not just seasonally popular, it is always popular. It is famous for snow skiing and winter sports, but it is even busier in the warmer months (warmer, not hotter—it is just too close to the Antarctic to get hot). In fact, at last count there were over 160 activities and adventures to sample in and around Q-town and I packed as many in as I could in nine days. Here is list of must-do experiences:

Dan Avila

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