Seeing the Best of Austin and Dallas in Style

When it comes to enjoying and indulging in the finer things in life, Texas may not immediately come to mind, but it certainly should. Of course, the Lone Star State has long been regarded as one of the most obvious place to visit when you want to sink your teeth into delicious barbecue, cheer on your favorite football team or two step your way around town. But it's also bursting with luxe lifestyle offerings if you know where to look.

Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan is a fashion and beauty editor, travel journalist, style expert and on-air host who brings incredible passion and industry experience from years of working for Travel + Leisure,,, The Kardashians, E! Online, StyleCaster, Lonely Planet, The Daily, WWD,, Real Simple Magazine, and more. Based in Los Angeles, Jennifer is also a style an...(Read More)

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