10 Best Travel & Hotel Videos From Beau Monde Traveler

Aug. 28th, 2023

Beau Monde Traveler is a travel publication and multimedia created for affluent travelers to learn, explore, and plan their next lavish vacation experience.  We have put together their 10 Best Travel Destination & Hotel Videos to give readers insight into these remarkable experiences and destinations. For discerning travelers looking for unique and unusual travel finds or the new ‘it’ destination, these videos as well as others on the Beau Monde Traveler YouTube channel will take you on a virtual vacation so that you can get a taste of it for yourself.  From Cuba down to Antarctica, South America to Europe,  here are the best travel destinations, experiences, and hotel videos from Beau Monde Traveler.


Cuba and Havana in particular, are not a destination for everyone. For those looking for a pristine tropical holiday a la Turks and Caicos, Barbados, or St. Barths you’ll not find that here. However, it is exactly the destination that a certain traveler is after. For the culture vulture looking for a destination rich in culture, warm and genuine people, and authentic experiences, it doesn’t get much better than Havana. In the center of the Historic district and close to the best that the city has to offer is an ideal hideaway to take in all the riches of the magical city, the A/S Boutique Residence Havana. Read more here


The public address system breaks the silence with Bob, the exploration leader, making an announcement. Hello explorers, on your starboard side at three o’clock, there’s been a sighting of two humpback whales.  All of us drop what we are doing - lunch, chatting with new friends, or relaxing in our staterooms - to dash out to the nearest balcony. There, just five feet from the boat, are two 40-foot humpback whales.  The sound that you hear you will never forget is the five-second gush of air as this massive beast expels exhaust through its air hole. These majestic beasts of the sea are in full view until they gracefully dive below the surface and out of sight. They may appear again, or perhaps not. This is a typical day with the Antarctica21 eight-day adventure of a lifetime in the 7th continent. Read more here


It’s in a far-off place and hard to get to. On the other side of the world tucked away in a little corner of South America where the closest city is Punta del Este which is about an hour away. While you are en route, you’ll barely notice that the roads have changed from well-maintained to bumpy, pot-holed, and unpaved as the distraction of the bucolic pastures, woodlands, and undulating hills of the Uruguayan countryside demands your full attention. You’ll soon find out that the place at the end of your journey nothing less than deliciously remote. You are in the hinterlands amongst wild mountains of eastern Uruguay where you’ll find the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel, one of the world’s most special places and beyond well worth the effort to get there. Read more here


For those who love wildlife and nature, the Amazon River may just be the most fascinating place in the world. It is filled with biodiversity rich beyond imagination where you’ll see a Harper’s Eagle zooming through the air to snatch the day’s meal while others, such as the three-toed sloth, live their life stuck in the slowest of slow motion.  In its waters, you’ll find rare pink dolphins, lumbering manatees, and ferocious piranha.  An expedition into this world is a Godsend to nature lovers and curious travelers. The ultimate way to see the Peruvian Amazon river and rainforest is with a luxury river cruise such as you’ll find with Aqua Expeditions. Read more here


There’s something a bit more special about holiday travel by train. After the steward blows his whistle and the train pulls away from the station, you settle in with the rhythmic swaying and chugging along to your destination.  Beyond that, it’s the convenience of letting someone else take care of the drive while you chat with your companions, take a snooze, or take in the scenery. But clearly, not all travel experiences by train are the same. The Crème de la Crème of luxury train travel is one that every train travel enthusiast will cherish for a lifetime. The most unmissable train journey in the world is the Excellence Class on the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps en route from Zermatt to St. Moritz. Read more here


Iceland is a country of indescribable natural beauty found in vast and wide open spaces. It is a land of incredible natural phenomena from glaciers to geysers as well as some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls and black sand beaches. Away from its popular sites are the highlands known for their barrenness and a certain type of quiet there. The rocky and dry landscapes appear as the surface of the moon, with surreal empty spaces, undulating hills, and a snowcapped mountain in the distance.  This place is far away from any sizable population, where rarely a car drives past and is void of any sounds of the city. Aside from the distant sound of a babbling river or the rustling of the wind, all is quiet. Read more here



There are two levels of privilege and exclusivity. For some, it's flying first class and for others, it’s traveling by private jet. For some, it's great seats at the Rolling Stones concert and for others, it's a private sky box and backstage passes after the concert. The same can be said for how one goes on holiday. For most, it’s the penthouse suite and for others, it’s a private villa. But for billionaires, multi-millionaires, and the occasional millionaire, there’s another level of a holiday. For this echelon, there’s nothing more than one could attain than to holiday on your own private island such as you’ll find in Australia at Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island. Read more here


St Moritz is considered the epitome of Europe’s luxe ski resorts. And it should be. Celebs, the well-to-do, and legions of bon vivants have been gracing the slopes there for over 120 years. This town offers the best of everything from its idyllic slopes to its apres-ski respites for the beau monde. One of its chicest hotels is as glamorous as St. Moritz itself; the Hotel Giardino Mountain. Read more here


Walking. It is life’s second major milestone right after learning to say our first word. Walking holidays take this simple pleasure and combine it with being outdoors to create an enjoyable experience that is good for your health while enriching the soul.  Australia is the land of the Walk About and one of their most stunning treks is a five-day hike through pristine woodlands and from peak to peak around a primordial mountain range. And forget about roughing it with your bulky backpack, leaky tent, and chowing down on hot dogs and beans. This is the Spicers Scenic Rim Trail and a
first-rate five-star experience from the first step to the end of the trail. Read more here



We all know that a bath is one of our first experiences in this life and continues until the end. A ritual of immersing ourselves in soapy water to clean ourselves of the day's grime.  After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness. But for those in the know, Bath is also a magical place in the heart of England. Steeped in history from before the Roman invasions and one of England’s most romantic cities, it is the place where Jane Austen penned many of her novels and is even in today’s time the quixotic setting for the Bridgerton series. Read more here

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