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Silken Hotel Puerta America +34.917.445.400 Avda. de America 41 Madrid 28002

Silken Hotel Puerta America

The Hotel Puerta América is a space that invites people to dream - a neverbeen- attempted-before project that has brought together nineteen of the top architecture and design studios in the world from thirteen different countries.

Originality, luxury, innovation and formal freedom define a hotel that awakens its guests senses. Each of the floors showcases a different concept in hotel rooms. All play with different materials, colours and shapes to create spaces that bring together the best in avant-garde design and architecture, where creativity and the freedom to develop each of the spaces has been the hallmark.

The Hotel Puerta América is, in short, an eclectic, daring space that does not sell comfort short. Rooms with luxury in their finest detail that entice guests to search for new forms, to interact with them, to touch, to see, and even to breathe and smell... In short, to utterly enjoy a unique space that stands out especially for its quality and wide range of services.

Restaurants & Bars

The Hotel Puerta América cuisine is another highlight. Head Chef, José Luis Estevan (who trained in the kitchens of Salvador de Moralzarzal and was formerly at La Broche, Zalacaín and Martín Berasategui's restaurant in San Sebastián) explains that the menu is based on traditional Spanish cuisine but reformed and stylised. It's solid cuisine, with feeling. The goal is for people to have enjoyed themselves by eating well and just the right amount. The Hotel Puerta América offers an a la carte menu with premium ingredients and aesthetic presentation. The hotel also has a gourmet tasting menu for guests to enjoy a host of different flavours and techniques, as well as a set menu, designed especially in the restaurant and based on seasonal products. The a la carte menu features cold dishes, such as consommé, tartare and goose liver foie gras; hot dishes, such as pasta, eggs, risotto and vegetables; fish, such as sea bass, tuna and hake skewers; and meat, such as poulard, pigeon and fattened or suckling pig.

Club Silken

Every time a client stays at a Silken hotel, he or she can accumulate courtesy points which can be used for free stays at any hotel operated by the company. Become a member of Club Silken by completing a form available at all the hotels the reception desks or on the Group's website. Those who sign up receive a personalized card as a welcome and a free subscription to the magazine Silken News.


  • $400 - $2000 per night
  • Madrid