Live the Rockstar Life at Eden Rock St Barths' 16,000-Square-Foot Villa

Our puddle-jumper flew over pool-blue water and red-tiled rooftops before threading its way through two jagged, green peaks, and as I gave a sharp intake of breath, landed perfectly on the second shortest runway in the Caribbean. An equally short drive later and we were being greeted by our personal butler at the door to Eden Rock’s Villa Rockstar.

Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert cut her travelling teeth on InterRail, spending summers in France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Bitten by the travel bug, her trips gradually grew longer and more exotic, from two months exploring Turkey, to a year travelling from Mexico to Chile. Now a freelance travel writer based in London, she contributes to Wanderlust, Conde Nast Traveller, The Guardian and The Independent, among ot...(Read More)

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