Scrub Island Resort & Marina is Almost Like Staying On Your Own Private Isle

“Scrub” is an awfully low-end sounding name for such a beautiful island. Named by British sailors who were ordered to clean the hulls of their ships upon arrival, the isle became thereafter known as Scrub Island. The island is not a big place, 230 acres in all, and a scenic, hilly one-mile road from its eastern most point to its western coast overlooking Cam Bay. It is here that the Scrub Island Resort & Marina resides, comprised of guestrooms and suites, two- to four-bedroom villas, a spa and Governor’s Point, a spectacular peninsula with a helicopter pad and a patio floor for wedding ceremonies.

Julie Hatfield

Julie Hatfield, former Boston Globe fashion editor and society editor, is now freelance travel writer for the Boston Globe, Hemispheres Magazine of United Airlines, USA Today Food & Wine, Denver Post, numerous newspapers around the country including the (San Francisco) Bay Area News Group, national travel magazines and travel websites such as and LiteraryTraveler. She is the ...(Read More)