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Luxury Tours: Is there anyone who doesn't remember seeing a National Geographic magazine during childhood either in a classroom or at the school library? It is likely that the magazine was used as a supplemental text in many geography classes. The first issue of the venerable magazine was published in October 1888.

Today National Geographic Adventure magazine is at the forefront of presenting environmental issues, science- and space-related topics, information on various cultures, and an argosy of travel destinations. What organization or entity could offer a better listing of the best luxury-adventure outfits than National Geographic? It's hard to go wrong with such a sage source.

1. & Beyond

Formerly known as CC Africa, andBeyond features tours through Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The company's forte is providing luxury travel in wildlife hubs. Tours are offered in Asia and India as well. This is as close as a human can get to tigers without becoming their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The latest adventure vacation from andBeyond is called Where Lions Roar. It is an eight-day romp through South Africa. The company is an advocate of conservation initiatives and has established various private reserves that have been instrumental in revitalizing endangered species.

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2. Butterfield & Robinson

It began as a bicycling journey through Argentina by three college buddies. Today Butterfield & Robinson has grown into a very successful luxury-adventure travel firm with vacation packages worldwide.

From North America to Oceania, the outfit offers extraordinary tours that center around bicycling and hiking. Comfortable shoes are recommended for travelers interested in B&R's newest destination, a nine-day walking tour to Dubai and Oman.

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3. Austin-Lehman Adventures

It's five-star, five-diamond luxury accommodations with intriguing destinations Africa, Europe, South America, and North America with Austin-Lehman Adventures.

From African safaris to bicycling tours to horseback riding to sports boating to eco-tours for group outings and family vacations, it's a panacea of pleasurable options for upscale travelers with divergent interests. Cycle through Germany for six days on the company's newest bicycling adventure.

Kayaking through Alaska and bicycling through Yellowstone National Park are among its signature-tour recommendations.

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4. Geographic Expeditions

Geographic Expeditions takes travelers in search of experiences to the far reaches of the globe. Some of the elite adventure company's destinations are not readily found on other Web sites, such as Nepal, the Northwest Passage, or the Shackleton Crossing in the Antarctica.

These tours stretch the elasticity of a vacation package to the maximum. Along with five-star accommodations, aligning with GE puts travelers in touch with knowledgeable locals, such as journalists, archaeologists, and other notable individuals, who know their areas intimately. Adventure seekers with Inquisitive minds are welcomed heartily by Geographic Expeditions.

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5. Kensington Tours

With luxury-adventure vacations in more than 70 countries, Kensington Tours prides itself in providing highly individualized experiences for all onboard. Guests of a Kensington tour can revise their itinerary on a moment's notice. On average, the $250 cost per day per tour is a value of amazing proportions.

Rumble through the jungles of Kenya and Tanzania on the 10-day Game Tracker tour. The newest offering is the Discover Indochina tour, exploring Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam with savvy tour guides capable of conveying insight on the various locations with a highly personal touch. Some of the extravagant tours have just one guide for every two guests.

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Obviously, the top five selections are the crème de la crème. However, there are more than 85 luxury-adventure companies to visit and review. The Nat Geo Adventure magazine has even more in store. It's just a click away!

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