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Every resort offers certain classy amenities, whether it be a restaurant headed up by a TV celebrity chef, or a spa offering the most sumptuous soaks and massages, but for those wishing to avoid the stigma of becoming someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing, there are a collection of culturally-immersive properties out there that provide an experience in favor of exquisite services. These premises are listed with airbnb, a service that allows individuals to list their personal plots when they are not otherwise in use, giving travelers truly atypical trip-planning choices.

Just this week, airbnb launched their sublet service, allowing travelers to plan extended stays in apartments and homes around the world. One place in which visitors can rarely spend enough time is Paris, so why not spend a month or two in the city of lights? The Lutetia property is one of over 700 properties listed in Paris alone, and provides the perfect mix of luxury and homestyle comfort.

Located across the from the world’s first department store, Le Bon Marche, this property surrounds itself with the arts and shopping that have made Paris the destination it is today. The 6th arrondissement is also home to the timeless Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres and many cafes visitors will recognize from American movies and depictions of the fair city.

The apartment is gorgeous on the inside as the exterior, with a grand entryway leading to a spacious living room. Perfect for entertaining, or taking the whole family on a vacation, this amount of space is rarely offered in Paris. The apartment can accommodate up to seven people overnight, with three double beds and an office that also has a single. The interior décor is rich with pristine white walls and furnishings leading out to the balconies resting over the vibrant street below. Two bathrooms and a large kitchen round out the property offerings, which can be reserved for as little as three nights, or as long as three months.

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