10 Sage Green Wedding Ideas for Summer

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From wedding bouquets to bridesmaids’ dresses, there are several ways to use a sage green wedding theme for your big day.


This soft and lush shade of green is an elegant choice for a summer wedding, especially if you're a lover of pastel wedding colors. You cannot go wrong with sage green color for your summer weddings. You can decide to use it for your wedding invitations, ring box, bridesmaids' dresses, wedding bouquets, table linens, and wedding welcome signs among others. Here in this article, you will find the perfect sage green wedding ideas for all your preferences and styles.


It's not a coincidence that sage green is one of the most popularly used wedding colors, most often during fall, spring, and summer. This color is symbolic of lushness, greenery, freshness, and growth. There are many reasons to choose a sage green wedding theme. As you cannot run out of ideas and inspiration for your big day.


To prove the versatility of sage green, we’ve rounded up a collection of our favorite sage ideas from real-life weddings. You can decide to use these ideas or get inspiration from them, twerking them to suit your wedding location. One beautiful feature of sage green is that you can combine it with other colors like peach, gold, navy blue, and lilac. Keep scrolling to learn how to incorporate sage green ideas for your wedding day.

1)  Wedding Invitations

For your stationery suite, you can use sage green calligraphy ink and an embossed green envelope. A sage green calligraphy ink gives your wedding guests a clue to your wedding theme as soon as they open the envelope. You can also include designs like vellum and deckled edge paper. Also, you can include various types of neutrals in your wedding invitation like blush or peach.

 2) Sage Green Ring Box

Since you're going for a sage green wedding theme, pick a ring box that matches your wedding color palette. Although it can be a tiny detail, it makes a significant impact on the overall wedding aesthetic. Get a good photographer who can capture the box and use it for their flatlay photos before your wedding day.

 3) Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet can include a combination of greenery as part of the design. You can further decorate your bouquet by adding delicate sage green ribbons to the floral arrangement. To make your bridal bouquet distinct from that of your bridesmaids. Seek the help of a professional wedding florist to give your bouquet a romantic and whimsical feel.

 4) Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses

Sage green bridesmaid dresses are especially popular for summer and spring weddings. You can choose to go for a classic chiffon fabric or a luxurious satin fabric. This color is a perfect choice for your bridesmaid dresses and can be paired with several types of bouquets. In addition, your maids can wear accessories like sage green flower crowns, silver necklaces, pearl earrings, silver bracelets, and hair pins over the dress. And if you're deciding to “go green” on your wedding day, this color is a beautiful choice for bridesmaids’ dresses.

5) Sage Green Wedding Suit

As the groom of the day, you don't necessarily have to wear the basic black, white, or gray suit. You can choose a soft and sleek sage green option instead. It's a perfect fashion choice for a summer wedding and you won't need too many accessories to upgrade your look. To style your looks, you can add boutonnieres made from your bride's bouquet to your suit. Wearing a sage green bowtie is a cool option.

 6) Signature Cocktails

How beautiful and classy will it be for your signature cocktails to match your wedding color palette? Interesting! You can serve your guests a signature cocktail made from vodka lemonade infused with a rosemary leaf. This is a perfect option for a summer wedding cocktail.

 7) Wedding Aisle Decor

If you are going for an outdoor summer wedding either in a garden or at a beachfront, you can design the aisle with sage green flowers. Or, if you want something classy and simple, sage green flowers like eucalyptus garland leaves are a good idea. You can drape the leaves beautifully in a wavy pattern on the edges of the chairs along the ceremony aisle. It adds more lushness to your wedding and beauty to your wedding photos.

 8) Sage Green Table Linens

You cannot go wrong with colorful table linens like sage green. Placing a colorful sage foliage inside a flower vase on a sage green table table linen. Enhances the beauty of your wedding venue and increases the wedding aesthetic as well. Also, sage green table linen upgrades your reception location to the next level with chair cushions, flower centerpieces, and table napkins popping against the tables.

 9) Candles

Placing sage green candles on your table decor is one of the most easy and subtle ways to incorporate your sage green wedding theme. You can go ahead to decorate the candles with sage green pillars or tapers. And if your wedding venue doesn't allow open flames you can put the candles inside a glass cup or opaque jar.

 10) Wedding Welcome Signage

Are you having a tropical summer wedding theme? Incorporate a wedding welcome signage of sage green. Decorative welcome signage is one sure way to style up your wedding location. Aside from decorating your venue, the signage provides needful information for your guests.


This relaxing, refreshing, soothing, and lush shade of green, sage green is one of the few colors that you can effortlessly rock all year round. With sage green wedding ideas, you get the opportunity to bring in nature and lushness into your wedding day. Beginning with your wedding invitations and  bridesmaids’ dresses to your bridal bouquets, wedding table decorations, and the groom's suit. You don't have to incorporate these ideas verbatim into your wedding. Get inspired through these sage green ideas and come up with something amazing for your summer wedding day. Don't forget, we are always rooting for you!


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