3 Top Tips Everyone Should Know for Healthy Aging and Self Improvement Month

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September is Healthy Aging Month and Self Improvement Month, making it a great time to zone in on some things that can help people successfully do both. Most people don't think much about healthy aging until they start feeling and seeing the signs of it when they look in the mirror. No matter what age people are, it's always a good time to start living a life that will help improve aging and quality of life.

“Aging healthfully includes both physical and mental aspects. As we age, it's important to understand the importance of both our physical and mental health,” explains Jennifer Scherer, medical exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and owner of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio. "We can be physically healthy but feel like we're dying inside, or vice versa.”

Here are some tips on healthy aging, focusing on both physical and mental aspects:

Join a walking group. Being a part of a group, in general, is excellent for our mental health. Creating relationships with people and making memories helps fill our hearts and souls. Doing this while incorporating movements like walking or jogging adds a significant physical benefit. According to the National Institutes for Health, the death rate declines with the more steps you take, until around 7,500 steps per day, when the benefits level off. Consider getting a steps tracker and aim to get 7,500 in per day.

Challenge yourself daily. This might sound easy, but how many times do we go throughout the day and don't have to solve any problems? Try to think outside the box, use teamwork to brainstorm new ideas, etc. Each day, strive to do one thing that challenges your thinking or challenges you physically... or both. (Ex. Try to balance on one leg and think of every food that starts with the letter T). According to Harvard Medical School, learning new skills can slow the cognitive aging process. Consider taking a class to learn a new skill. It can be to learn about anything, including playing an instrument, studying history, creating art, etc. 

Try physical and mental therapy. If you've ever had a nagging injury or pain but never actually gone to get it looked at many times, going to physical therapy can do wonders for the body. Along with physical therapy, choosing a personal trainer familiar with exercise programs designed to prevent injury is incredibly beneficial in allowing you to keep doing the physical things you love, like walking, biking, playing sports, etc. The same goes for the mind. Having an external party help dissect and digest issues in your life can benefit your mental health. Preventative therapy could also be helpful by stopping the fires before you need to put them out. Sometimes nothing necessarily needs to be wrong to talk to someone. 

"If we are lucky, we get to age. Aging is a privilege, and one that we can help make more enjoyable by doing things for self-improvement," added Scherer. "Even taking little measures can add up to big results, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.”

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio is a private personal training studio that offers a range of services to improve health and wellness, including medical exercise, personal training, in-home medical training, virtual personal training, nutrition coaching, and a Pilates reformer program. All workouts on it are custom-tailored for the individual to address their physical fitness concerns. The Pilates Reformer program features a versatile machine designed to provide resistance. It can be used with the person standing, sitting, or lying down. 

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio doesn't offer memberships as other gyms do. They offer private customized fitness programs that are available by appointment. Many people who go to the studio are referrals from physical therapists and doctors. The wellness professionals at the studio communicate with the medical teams to keep them up to date on patient progress. To learn more about Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, visit the site:

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