4 Tips for How to Plan and Host Your Virtual Office Holiday Party

The past few years have been a whirlwind of change for everyone, and everything we knew before changed. Many business owners had to change their practices to prioritize the safety of workers who remained working on-site or had begun working remotely as a result of the global pandemic.

Many companies began working remotely during the pandemic and have done so ever since. As a result, planning parties and get-togethers with coworkers required more creativity. Regardless, it is essential to keep your head up and your will strong, even if employees are not physically together as they were in the past. That is why you have to do everything possible to make your team feel appreciated and cared for, even from afar.

So, before you start planning an office holiday party, you have to take into consideration several things, such as the party theme, finding a suitable host, and the budget. Those who attend these parties should be able to connect with one another, see one another, and have a good time by dancing, singing, and playing interactive games.

This article will walk you through four steps for organizing the best and most memorable holiday parties at your workplace.

Pick a theme

Before you do anything else, think about what the theme for the upcoming party could be. Be creative and find something fun that you have never done before. However, make sure that every employee will be comfortable with the theme so that everyone can participate.

If you are having trouble coming up with a theme for the party, you can always look for creative virtual holiday party ideas online, so that all employees can enjoy and feel at ease during the event. Pick an engaging theme with interactive elements. This will show your creativity and ability to host an awesome holiday party.

Send gifts to your employees

A couple of days before the party, prepare some interesting gifts for your employees and send them as a surprise. For example, prepare personalized goodie bags filled with sweets, ornaments, and their favorite drinks, so everyone has their favorite beverage and sweets to enjoy the party. 

Additionally, along with the gifts, you might consider sending them a bag filled with the necessary ingredients for making cinnamon cookies and the recipe for how to prepare them, so that everyone makes them at home before the party. Then, hold an online contest to see who made the best festive cinnamon cookies. Online get-togethers can be a fun way to entertain team members while connecting virtually. 

Plan fun activities 

It is critical to keep your employees entertained. One of the best ways to keep everyone engaged is to organize an interactive virtual group game, stand-up, or dance contest. You can combine these activities by inviting musicians, magicians, and comedians to perform remotely and involve your employees in their performances. Ask your employees for suggestions on who you can invite as a special guest to the party. 

Another option is to provide access to some interesting online multiplayer games. Even if your employees aren't necessarily gamers. These games and competitions can provide a fun and engaging experience. You can also create a playlist and sign up for a virtual karaoke app, so you can all sing festive songs during the party.

Define the budget

Hiring an event planner who will prepare everything for you is the easiest way to organize a party. Unfortunately, this is not the best solution for many companies, taking into consideration how much this service costs. So, there are numerous factors to consider when planning the office holiday party. First, estimate the approximate number of people who will attend the party and set a budget of around $70 per person. This way, you'll know how much you can spend on their gifts and the rest of the ideas you have prepared. 

It may seem like a virtual party is not expensive, but planning the party activities requires a lot of funds because the entertainment part will be filled with online games, singing, and gifts, which need to be delivered to all employees at their home addresses. Remember that throwing a memorable holiday party is a great way to thank your employees for their hard work, but everything should remain within the budget limit.

Final thoughts

Organizing a company holiday party requires both creativity and effort. Nothing beats treating your employees to a fun-filled evening where they can let their hair down and enjoy each other's company. Think of virtual interactive games you can play, make the perfect playlist, and enjoy spending time and bonding with your employees.

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