5 Game Changing Lifestyle Upgrades For 2024 

Are you ready for a lifestyle upgrade? Fortunately, there's no need to turn your schedule or life upside down to make things better. You do not need to spend months planning and budgeting to create positive changes. What are individuals and families doing this year to improve their homes, fortify budgets, look better, get more enjoyment out of vacations, and drive a more luxurious vehicle without spending extra money? The most popular move is to convert a spare room into a music, art, exercise, or meditation studio. 

Conversions have always been favorites among homeowners, but in the age of volatile economies and the high cost of almost everything, creative planning is the superhero of every homeowner's budget. Other favorite ideas include personal makeovers at a local salon, purchasing a stand-alone food freezer to bag major bargains at the grocery store, vacationing at a pied-à-terre for a more personalized experience, and getting away from car payments by leasing a new vehicle for the same cost of less. 

Invest in a Room Conversion 

Converting an existing bedroom, attic, basement, or garage can change the entire feel of your living space. Plus, you don't have to spend a fortune because most projects are DIY-friendly. Create a dedicated exercise space. Turn a dormant basement into a guest room. Transform an attic into a private meditation or art sanctuary. Spend time planning on accessories and get inspiration from design magazines and architecture websites. 

Vacation at a Pied-à-Terre 

For those who value rejuvenation, privacy, and rest, one of the smartest ways to get all three is to vacation in pied-à-terre apartments for a few days, weeks, or months. It's easy to find the ideal pied-à-terre when you know the best tricks, hacks, and tips. Luckily, there's a handy and thorough guide that uncovers all the options for your upcoming vacation, and it includes selections at all price levels. Whether you're budget-minded or want luxury digs, the guide has something that suits your lodging preferences. 

Pieds-à-terre are game changers because they are homes away from home, unlike cookie cutter motels and resorts. They're cozy and intimate and provide that unique feeling you want when you spend time away from home but want to be in familiar surroundings. Once you arrive, begin enjoying the local culture for a more authentic vacation. It doesn't matter whether you're in a large city or a tiny countryside town because the charming accommodations of a pied-à-terre let you live the way the locals do. Take time to savor the immersive experience of your chosen destination as you explore the non-tourist side of your favorite places. 

Get a Makeover 

Shop online for discounts and bundled deals among your favorite local salons. Most owners offer seasonal and new customer bargains that can shave as much as 50% off list prices for standard services. Ask about one price makeover deals to save even more. Getting a new hairstyle, a manicure, a massage, and a facial can give a whole new outlook on life. Book several weeks in advance at busy salons to get the time slots and service providers you want. Consider scheduling mid-week to take advantage of slow day sale prices on services, products, and accessories. 

Buy a Food Storage Freezer 

One of the simplest ways to save a considerable amount of money is to purchase a food freezer and stock it with your favorite meats and other staples. Buying in bulk and during sales can work to your advantage when you have a place for long-term food storage. Shop around. Stick with reputable merchants, and only buy freezers that come with warranties. 

Lease Your Vehicle 

While it's not the ideal option for everyone, most consumers can get a much bigger and better vehicle by leasing rather than buying. In the past decade, dealerships have discovered that drivers like the idea of not worrying about repairs or breakdowns, even when the initial cost is more than a typical down payment. Leasing is a hassle-free option for individuals and families who want comfort, safety, and value. 

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