5 Most Important Knives You Should Have in Kitchen

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In every work, you will always need the right thing to complete the task perfectly. Same in kitchen you need the perfect tools. No matter how well you cook or how expert chef you are, you need the perfect tool to prepare the dish you want.

So you need a proper knife set in your kitchen to make things easily. But obviously you need to know which one you should use for which purpose. If you use boning knife instead of chef’s knife for slicing vegetables then it will not help you properly. So here I will explain you which knives you need in kitchen and what are the uses of then. I hope it may help you.

1. Chef’s Knife:

The first and only option for choosing a knife everyone probably have in mind while going to cook is the chef’s knife. It is a long sharp blade of 8 to 9 inches that made this knife more versatile and efficient.

And it is also very safe for slicing any element because the bigger the blade, the safer it is. It is the knife of every days uses. Almost for doing everything, it can be used. But you need to sharpen it frequently. You can use priority chef knife sharpener. This is really very helpful.

Uses of Chef’s knife: A chef’s knife is uses for almost 90 percent tasks of kitchen in day to day life. It is used most of the time for slicing and dicing fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and almost everything. It is called the “King of the Kitchen”.

But you should not use this knife for some tasks which also people do like butcher or carve poultry, puncture holes of cans or remove skins of large vegetables. The large blade of this knife makes it more efficient to use.

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2. Bread Knife/ Serrated Knife:

The main feature of bread knife or serrated knife is a long rectangular blade serrated with small groves. This knife is not normally used but when you need to slice a baguette this knife is the best option. This is why most commonly it is called bread knife.

The blade of this knife is very long which is about 6 inches that helps to cut through the bread easily and the serration helps to cut through the crust without crushing the bread.

No Other blades are able to do this without crushing the bread and not even smash the flesh. It can do almost everything that is not suited to the straight blade of chef’s knife.

Uses of Bread knife:

This knife is especially useful for the foods which have waxy surface like pineapples, tomatoes, watermelon etc. It is also very much used to slice cake layers. The serrated edge can grip and stick those slippery exteriors which cannot be done with the straight blade of chef’s knife.

But some tasks you should not be done with serrated knife. You only should use it for slicing rather than chopping foods.

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3. Paring Knife:

It’s a short sharp blade of an average size of 3 ½ inches which is usually used for trimming and peeling fruits and vegetables. This is a very handy tool because of its shape and size.

Uses of Paring Knife: This knife is the best suitable for slicing and mincing the foods which are too small for the blade of 6-8 inches like peeling small fruits and vegetables, mincing garlic, hulling strawberries etc.

Don’t try to use this knife for cutting hard vegetables like celery root, carrots etc. This knife doesn’t have enough weight to cut through this type of vegetables which makes you to put pressure while cutting.

Anything you have to put pressure on at any point refers that you are not using the perfect blade to do the job perfectly. It also can make accident if the knife slips. So be careful on choosing the perfect knife.

This knife also should have to sharp frequently but now there are many options of knife sharpener. You can check on Cutlery Advisor to know the best knife sharpener in recent time. 

4.  Boning Knife:  

This is the knife which is used for basically cutting up or boning meat, fish or poultry of any size. Most knives are designed to cut straight lines. But when it comes to cut anything with a ribcage and joints, there is no such thing as a straight line in the body. So then you need a blade that can move and flex which you can easily do with boning knife.

Uses of Boning Knife:

It should not be used cut through the bones. A boning knife is very flexible to dexterously separate meat from bone and slice through joints and cartilage.            

5. Kitchen Shears:

Though it is not a knife but is a very important tool for kitchen. With this kitchen shears you can cut the fish herbs or snip the bone of a chicken and many other things.

There are different kinds of kitchen shears and you can also sharpen it before using.

These are the major 5 knives you must need to keep in kitchen. I hope this will help you to choose the right knife for the right job.

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