6 Luxury Travel Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Trip

The app market is filled with cheap products that anyone can buy, but in recent years there has been a sizable growth of high-end platforms for those who have a taste for elegance in their life. These apps run seamlessly, are incredibly sleek, and will add an additional luxury to your life that you’ll absolutely love.

Wine Spectator

Knowing every wine becomes a herculean task, so keep things simple. The Wine Spectator will provide you with reviews as well as a rating system for each wine, straight from the connoisseurs themselves. It’s especially handy if you are curious to know more about wine as it will teach you how to determine the wine’s quality as well as the character from the region which it was produced in. This is the perfect app for the wine enthusiast.


If you’re looking to ditch the commercial flights for a private one, then PrivateFly is for you. This app has a massive database of more than 8,000 private jet charters around the world for you to choose from. You’ll be able to contact the pilot directly, see photos of the plane you’ll be using, as well as read descriptions for each one. This is a worthwhile app to make flying simple.


GetMyBoat is another useful transportation app to download, except instead of hailing a charter, you’re able to rent them directly on the largest boat rental marketplace in the world. You’ll be able to choose from a wide array of boats from one’s that come intact with captain and crew to small sailboats to suit whatever your luxury needs. One of the best features of this app is the ability to filter what you want and don’t want from type of boat to amenities included.


The first app on the list is called Amble and it was developed by Louis Vuitton. In a way, Amble works like a travel app or an app that allows you to show off where you’ve been. You’ll be able to upload notes, pictures, videos, and more to record your tours around the world or just around your city. These tours are referred to as ‘ambles’. Louis Vuitton has a number of celebrities who use this app as well who you can follow to gain a sneak peak into their daily activities.

Luxe City Guides

This second option for travel city guides was created by a large team of travel writers compared to the user-review style that Luxury Attaché City Guide has. The Luxe City Guides app is unbiased and runs incredibly smooth too, which may give it the overall leg up on other city guide apps. Another unique feature is that the app will give you a city history.


Parkbud is an app that helps you to park in style. It has a host of services that it can provide you such as finding nearby parking garages, keeping track of your meter, it will work with your GPS service, and so much more. This app is exquisite and made to run seamlessly no matter where you are in the world. 

These are some of the best luxury apps to help you travel around the world in style. They’ll revolutionize your life by making it easier to life the way that you want to live.

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