Azimuth’s Supersonic Aircraft

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Approximately twelve years ago, I walked into The Hourglass, a specialist watch boutique in Sydney, and it changed my perception of horology. 

At this time, there was a new wave of high contemporary brands like De Bethune, MB&F, and Urwerk. These amazing labels were pushing the boundaries of watchmaking with radical designs and unusual materials. Some of their pieces were exceptionally futuristic in appearance, with extraordinarily complicated mechanical movements. 

Unfortunately, the issue for the consumer was these watches (due to price point) are inaccessible to most. This is where the Swiss/Singapore brand Azimuth found a niche in the market. Ultimately, Azimuth has created Avant-Garde designs at a more affordable cost, and a brilliant example can be found in the newly released Land Cruiser.

The Azimuth Land Cruiser

Azimuth co-founder Chris Long says the “Land Cruiser is a testament to Azimuth’s enduring love affair between imagination and science fiction, fused into the realm of horology. It’s a rugged hovercraft with off-road capabilities that embarks on a highly classified military project to a newly formed planet 500 light years away.”

Certainly, looking at the brand’s DNA, this influence is highly apparent in all of its designs. Previously, I wrote an article called Ode to Mr. Roboto, which chronicles the evolution of this amazing timepiece inspired by 1960s toy robots. 

The Land Cruiser is a different entity that involves four years of fastidious research and development. Looking at the finished result, the end justifies the means.

The Landship 

In 2010, Azimuth launched the SP-1 Landship, its most ambitious watch. Inspired by a World War I military tank, the watch has large proportions and a 51mm x 44mm x 20mm titanium case. Subsequently, the brand unveiled six hand-painted replica tank versions (of the SP-1 Landship) at Krasnaya, The Watch Art Gallery in Singapore. 

Even though today’s Land Cruiser resembles the original Landship, its overall design is far more sophisticated.

For example, the satin-brushed scaled-down case (a supersonic aircraft’s afterburner) has chiseled sides and a top-mounted crown, making the façade much sleeker and ergonomic on the wrist. Time is displayed by the domed wondering hour (noon) and via a slanted retrograde minute aperture (6 o’clock position).

Powering the watch is a highly modified Swiss automatic movement supplied by Sellita. The Caliber SW200-1 comprises 26 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. This exquisite Perlage finished mechanism is showcased via a sapphire crystal exhibition-style window.

Caseback view of the Azimuth Land Cruiser.

Functionally the Land Cruiser features regulator hours (via a sapphire crystal dome) and retrograde minutes. The watch also is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters and has a power reserve of forty hours. To complete the picture, the Land Cruiser is presented on a rubber strap with a folding buckle and is housed in a special military ammo box.

The Azimuth Land Cruiser is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and retails at CHF 6,800 (approximately $7,750).

Steve Huyton is an industrial designer, illustrator, and author who publishes Total Design Reviews.

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