6 Things to Know About Katia Designs and Following Your Passion

Catherine “Katia” Rudnick, owner and jewelry designer at Katia Designs

Google the word “jewelry,” and nearly 3.7 million options are served up as the results. The number of choices that people have can be daunting, but every once in a while there is a jewelry designer that comes along who stands out, like Katia Designs. During this time when people need uplifting messages and empowerment support, Katia Designs was created. The spiritual jewelry is all uniquely designed by a yogi who infuses every piece with an uplifting message. Add to that the rare fact that she has been granted a patent on a doubled sided magnetic clasp that allows you to wear your necklaces in different ways. 

When polled, the vast majority of people feel their work is not a representation of their true passion in life. Yet the majority wants to pursue their passion. Some are held back because they can’t identify exactly what it is, while others fear what lies on the other side if they were to pursue it. There are people, however, who follow their heart and passion so they can share their creations with the world. That’s exactly what has happened with Katia Designs. 

“Being able to pursue your passion is something I highly recommend to everyone,” says Catherine “Katia” Rudnick, owner and jewelry designer at Katia Designs. “Often times, if we go back to what it is that we loved as a child we are able to make a connection to what we are passionate about. Then you have to brave enough to take the leap toward it.”

Rudnick, who grew up in Soviet Russia, is now a wife and mother of three, running her own jewelry design studio in South Florida. While she was working in the health and beauty industry she longed for something more and felt that she wasn’t passionate about what she was doing. Wanting to be, she set out to get in touch with her passion, which took her back to her childhood. She was always drawn to art and design as a child, so she decided to take a jewelry design class. One class and she knew that there was a connection and fire inside of her that she had to pursue. 

Today, she designs Bohemian chic style spiritual jewelry. Her jewelry features natural elements, such as crystals, seashells, and gemstones, along with an inspirational message. From dream catchers and evil eyes to messages about being fearless and perfectly imperfect, her designs tend to make a connection with those who wear them. They help people offer an outer expression of who they are on the inside. The handmade feel-good jewelry comes with an individual affirmation to enhance the person’s day. 

Here are 6 things to know about Katia Design jewelry:

Inspirational. The goal of Katia Designs jewelry is to speak to the heart of those who wear it. The messages and pieces on each necklace or bracelet have been purposely selected to resonate. The uplifting messages brighten moods and remind people to be mentally stronger. In today’s world, people greatly benefit from having uplifting and empowering messages, which helps to counter balance the negativity in the world.

Unique. Each piece of jewelry offered by Katia Designs offers energy. Every necklace and bracelet is different, offering an item for those who like spiritual jewelry and want to improve their energy. Some of the designs feature particular gemstones and crystals that have been chosen for their healing transformative energy benefits. Katia also believes in embracing the imperfections in the organic materials, created by nature, which helps to make them unique and add beauty. 

Variety. The variety of items offered ensures that there is something for everyone. The collection includes long necklaces, chokers, and ones that can be worn as both at the same time, as well as dainties, and bracelets. The designs continuously change, too, so there are always one of a kind designs available. 

Handmade. All of the jewelry in the Katia Designs line has been handmade in South Florida. Rudnick is always thinking of new design ideas, including getting some from her meditation practice. The collection features a wide variety of pieces that appeal to people, including lightning bolts, fearless wings, double mandalas, elephants, lotuses, sun and moon, paws, and much more.

Patented. Few spiritual jewelry designers can say that they hold a patent in the field, but Katia Designs can. She created a unique clasp that allows longer necklaces to be double layered within seconds. 

Gifting. With the unique and heart touching nature of the pieces, Katia Designs jewelry makes a great gift. For those looking for spiritual jewelry, uplifting messages, or inspirational gifts they offer a beautiful, high quality item that the gift receiver loves.

“The jewelry I design is a reflection of my own spiritual journey,” added Rudnick. “I believe that each unique piece I create resonates with someone. It’s the message, healing and empowerment they have been craving.”

Katia Designs offers a full line of handmade spiritual jewelry, including malas, chokers, fusion, danties, and bracelets. To view the collection and learn more, visit the site at:

Photo courtesy of Katia Designs
Photo courtesy of Katia Designs

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