7 Destinations for a Luxurious Wildlife Holidays with Family

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When you are keen on spending quality time with your family and loved ones you need to plan your trip right. A luxury wildlife holiday is a great way to make the most of your limited time. These holidays are designed to deliver premium experiences, unparalleled comfort, personalized services and tailor-made opportunities that can allow you and your family to do more together.

One of the benefits of wildlife holidays is that you get the opportunity to break the routine and head out in the wilderness. This ensures new experiences that would provide you with a chance to bond with your loved ones.

Here are 7 destinations that you can head to for a luxurious wildlife holiday with your family.


When you are thinking of wildlife holidays Kenya is an obvious choice. For decades, Kenya has remained the mecca for wildlife and safari enthusiasts. If you are looking for a luxurious family holiday you can put it on your list. The best part about choosing Kenya is that you can find plenty of tour companies that would offer you custom plans and packages to help you have a great time with your loved ones in Kenya. With Far & Wild Travel you can focus on spending more time with your family rather than being worried about the arrangements. Kenya can provide you with luxurious lodges and resorts that come with excellent food and drink options. Strategically located, these luxurious accommodations offer you a panoramic view of the Kenyan landscape, personalized services and much more.


It would be hard to put Botswana further down the list because it remains one of the most preferred choices of destination for luxury wildlife holidays. With excellent connectivity, quality lodges and guides, Botswana can surprise you with what it has to offer. The Okavango Delta in Botswana is nothing short of paradise for nature lovers. When you are here with your family you can stay at luxurious lodges and resorts that ensure a standout experience to enhance your travel experiences. Apart from top-quality food and beverages, you can also experience some unique wildlife experiences like mokoro rides, hot air balloon rides, walking safaris and even night game drives. You can also opt for helicopter rides in Botswana for an unforgettable wildlife holiday experience.



India is one of the top destinations when you are thinking of luxurious wildlife holidays with your family in Asia. With its diverse landscape, terrain and geography India has an abundance of nature and wildlife. While you are here you can choose from 100 national parks and 50 tiger reserves spread across different states. If you are interested in watching tigers in their natural habitat you can choose from the top tiger reserves in India. India is also a paradise for bird watchers who want to spot various resident and migratory birds across various sanctuaries. In terms of accommodation, you can find luxurious villas and resorts that allow you to indulge in the best facilities and amenities that they have to offer. India is known for its diverse cuisine and when you are holidaying here with your family you can relish from different foods and drinks that are on the menu. With exceptional hospitality and service, India is certainly one of the top choices for luxury family wildlife holidays.

South Africa

If luxury is your keyword, South Africa can be one of your key destinations for a family wildlife holiday. Over the years, South Africa has remained one of the preferred choices for those who want to stay lavishly and enjoy being close to Mother Nature. With excellent connectivity, opulent accommodations, delicious food and wine, spectacular beaches, and an abundance of outdoor activities South Africa has it all. While you are here you can explore some of the top national parks in South Africa like Kruger and Pilanesberg National Park. You can head out for game drives with experienced and professional guides who can share local trivia and some interesting stories to make your trip memorable. With its near-perfect weather, South Africa is a great destination for a luxurious wildlife holiday with your family.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fantastic luxurious holiday destination that can offer you a lot more than just wildlife. If you are looking for a luxury family holiday where you can head to the beaches, hike national parks and rainforest, enjoy delicious food and wine and dance to some great tunes you should pack your bags for Costa Rica. This Central American country can offer you excellent wildlife holidays where you can stay in luxurious eco-friendly resorts and villas. As you spot the local wildlife and birds, Costa Rica can also provide you with excellent marine life experiences. You can head to the beach and try water activities like snorkelling and diving. When you are done exploring wildlife you can try white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, cave tubing and ziplining.


Borneo Island has long remained one of the top spots for nature and wildlife lovers. If you are keen on heading out in the wilderness with your family you can look out for a luxurious wildlife holiday in Borneo. This is where you can spot orangutans, sun bears, Proboscis monkeys, clouded leopards, pangolins and many other mammals. You can also spot birds here like hornbills and Bornean banded pitta. With plenty of national parks to hike, you can discover a lot more than you can imagine. While you are here you can stay at luxurious beachfront resorts with private villas and luxurious jungle lodges. You can also head out for luxurious river cruises that help you navigate through the dense jungle. When you are done exploring you can savor the best meals packed with local flavors.


With luxurious cottages and villas that overlook picture-perfect lakes, Canada is one of the preferred destinations for those who want to holiday luxuriously and enjoy spotting wildlife. Canada is known for its wildlife and hospitality. Hence, you can always look for luxurious accommodations that suit your taste and preferences. While you are out here in the open you can encounter grizzly bears, mooses, beavers, and reindeer. If you are into birds and butterflies, Canada will not disappoint. You can spot a variety of colourful birds and butterflies that you can spot as you hike various national parks and wildlife reserves. Canada is also an ideal place for whale watching. If you are into marine wildlife you can find various cruises that let you spot whales. Apart from the luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, diverse bird life and wildlife, you can also enjoy the Northern Lights and the spectacular Rocky Mountains that offer you unique experiences. 

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