7 Must Visit Destinations in Antarctica for Your Luxury Cruise Itinerary

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If you are planning to take a break from your routine you need to look for holidays that can help you rejuvenate your mind and soul. Getting outdoors is the best way to make the most of your holidays. Hence, you need to look for luxury holidays that allow you to experience the world and the wildlife around you. If you are looking for a challenge and something unique you can head for a luxury cruise trip to Antarctica. This would provide you with a completely different experience that you would cherish for a lifetime.

While going to Antarctica sounds like a daunting task today you can find many cruise companies that offer tours in Antarctica. This allows you to prepare yourself the right way for an expedition which is quite different from the rest. Also, being on a cruise allows you to navigate through the challenging and cold terrain of this icy continent the right way. However, different cruise companies offer different destinations which you can explore. Hence, you must have clarity about what destinations you should choose when booking a luxury cruise to Antarctica.

Drake Passage

If you are heading to Antarctica by sea you must experience the Drake Passage. This offers you with a sense of adventure right from the beginning of the journey. When you are on a luxury cruise you can enjoy the comforts of the facilities and amenities that the ship has to offer. However, the moment you cross the Drake Passage you get this feeling of what it feels like exploring this icy continent by sea. Many luxury travellers also make use of flight options where they can fly over the Drake Passage. However, when you cross Drake Passage in two days you get to know Antarctica better. Also, when you are travelling the Drake Passage with other fellow travellers you will appreciate the hard work everyone has put in to let you enjoy the experience. Cruising through the Drake Passage also allows you to enjoy the wildlife in and around Antarctica.

Antarctica Sound

Also popularly known as the Iceberg Alley, Antarctica Sound is also one of the destinations that you must put on your itinerary when booking a luxury cruise to Antarctica. With huge tabular icebergs, this place will instantly capture your imagination. The landscape alone will leave you awestruck with its volume and beauty. If you are into wildlife you would want to explore the wildlife that you can witness here. Whales are quite a common sight in Antarctica Sound but you can also see some of the largest colonies of Adelie penguins at Hope Bay. You can also find many seals that wander around the shores of these high mountains in the region.

Antarctica Peninsula

If you are looking for glaciers you can find them in abundance in Antarctica Peninsula. This should remain one of the top destinations on your luxury cruise trip to the icy continent. While you are cruising through this destination you can find various odd-shape icebergs that redefine the overall appearance of the area. This is also a place where you can spot whales and other wildlife. If you know how to take good landscape pictures you can find plenty of views that you can capture for lifelong memories. While you are enjoying your luxury cruise you also get to experience this part of Antarctica with ease and comfort.

South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are quite popular and therefore most cruise ships halt here. While you are exploring Antarctica on a luxury cruise ship you can find yourself at King George Island which is the most populated island and has permanent settlers from various nations. One of the best parts about the South Shetland Islands is that you get to explore the island on foot. This gives you a great opportunity to step on one of the islands in Antarctica and explore the wildlife as well. You can also explore other islands which are a part of the South Shetland Islands like Livingstone Island and Elephant Island. When you are exploring Livingstone Island you can find elephants and fur seals basking on the beach. On the other hand, Elephant Island is where you can explore the remnants of the Endurance. While you are exploring the South Shetland Islands you can also visit Deception Island which is an active volcano but which appears like a horseshoe-shaped harbour.

South Georgia Islands

South Georgia Islands is often known as the Galapagos of the Poles and therefore you can find plenty of wildlife here. If you are someone who loves to see penguins you can put South Georgia Islands on your luxury cruise itinerary. This island has a huge population of King Penguins that have yellow markings on their head. Also, when you are exploring the island you can find macaroni penguins that reside here. Apart from the penguins, you can also find seals here that bask on the shores of the island. While you are on the South Georgia Islands you can also explore the final resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton and this is a special place to visit when you are cruising Antarctica. Also, you need to know that South Georgia Islands is one of the most remote places on the planet making it worth adding it to your luxury cruise itinerary.

Falkland Islands. Stanley

The Falkland Islands

It would be hard to ignore and leave out the Falkland Islands which is known for many things. If you are someone who loves to know more about shipwrecks and maritime adventures you can find plenty of stories of them on The Falkland Islands. Also, many people visit the Falkland Islands for its natural beauty and wildlife. Penguins are quite common when you step on The Falkland Islands and you will instantly fall in love with them. If you are looking for some hiking adventure you can do that on this island. However, make sure that you have the right packing list for the Antarctica trip that would help you stay warm and comfortable. You will also find supermarkets and restaurants here which is a great experience you can have when you get down on the island. You can visit various pubs and cafes that offer food made from locally sourced foods.

Ross Sea

The Ross Sea region is also one of the destinations that you can add to your luxury cruise itinerary. While the Ross Sea is quite underrated you can have some great experiences here. While you are here you can spot many seals, penguins and sea birds that reside here. You can also explore the Ross Ice Shelf which is the world’s largest ice formation. It is also the second-largest marine reserve on the planet and therefore it is a must to explore when you are luxury cruising Antarctica.

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