7 Outfits That Will Make You Look Exceptional On Your Wedding Invites

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When it comes to your big day, every detail counts, especially how you present yourself in your save the date wedding invitations. It's not just about announcing the date; it's about setting the tone and giving a sneak peek into the style and elegance of your upcoming nuptials. Here’s how you can look absolutely stunning in those all-important shots.

1. The Classic Black Tuxedo

Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

For grooms, the timeless black tuxedo is a no-brainer. It's sharp, it's sleek, and it screams sophistication. When paired with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie, this outfit ensures you look dapper in every photo. Whether your wedding is a black-tie affair or you just want to add a touch of classic glamour, a tuxedo is a surefire way to make your wedding invitations template stand out.

2. The Flowing Boho Dress

Unleash Your Inner Free Spirit

Brides looking for something a little less traditional might fall in love with the idea of a bohemian dress. Characterized by its flowy, ethereal fabric and often adorned with lace or floral patterns, a boho dress can make you look like a woodland fairy. This outfit not only looks incredible but also tells your guests that they’re in for a whimsical, relaxed celebration.

3. The Colorful Evening Gown

Bring a Pop of Color to Your Pre-Wedding Festivities

Who says wedding attire has to be white? Captivate your guests by choosing a vibrant evening gown for your save the date photos. Think deep reds, royal blues, or even stunning greens. A colorful dress can set a joyful and festive tone for your celebration and ensure your invites are as lively and unique as you are.

4. The Sharp Three-Piece Suit

Sophistication in Every Stitch

Grooms can elevate their look with a well-tailored three-piece suit. Adding a vest to the standard suit ensemble not only looks stylish but also gives you the option to take off the jacket and still have a put-together look. Play with colors like charcoal, navy, or even a subtle plaid to add personality to your wedding invitations.

5. The Vintage Lace Gown

Timeless Beauty with a Touch of Nostalgia

For a touch of romance and a nod to the past, a vintage lace gown is a beautiful choice. Perfect for those who adore a retro aesthetic, this style complements just about any setting, from a rustic barn to an elegant estate. The intricate lace details ensure your outfit becomes a talking point and enhances the aesthetic of your invites.

6. The Casual Chic Attire

Relaxed Yet Stylish

Not every couple dreams of a formal affair. If your vibe is more "laid-back garden party" than "grand ballroom," consider opting for a more casual outfit. A stylish blazer with chinos for the groom and a summery, mid-length dress for the bride can still look polished without feeling overdone. This attire works perfectly for a more intimate or informal wedding.

7. The Glamorous Sequin Dress

All That Glitters Is Gold

For the bride who loves to sparkle, a sequin dress can be a show-stopper. Whether it’s gold, silver, or metallic pastels, a sequin dress catches the light beautifully and guarantees that you’ll be the star of your wedding invites. It’s glamorous, fun, and sure to make a bold statement.


Choosing the right outfit for your wedding invitations can be just as important as picking out what you'll wear on the day itself. Each of these options offers a way to showcase your personality and set the stage for your big day. Whether you're going for classic elegance, colorful flair, or a casual chic look, your outfit can make a big impact on how your guests anticipate the celebration. Remember, these invites are a preview of one of the most special days of your life, so choose an outfit that feels true to you.


  1. How do I choose the right outfit for my wedding invite photos?

    • Consider the theme and setting of your wedding, your personal style, and what feels comfortable. It’s also important to think about the colors and overall tone you want to set with your invitations.

  2. Can I wear prints or patterns in my wedding invite photos?

    • Absolutely! While solid colors tend to be a popular choice because they photograph cleanly, prints and patterns can add personality and visual interest, especially if they align with your wedding’s theme.

  3. What should I avoid wearing for wedding invite photos?

    • Try to avoid anything too trendy that might look dated in a few years. Also, overly busy patterns or colors that clash can detract from the main focus—celebrating your love.

  4. Is it okay to have a casual outfit for my wedding invite?

    • Yes, if it reflects the style of your wedding. Casual outfits can suggest a more laid-back and intimate event, making your guests feel more relaxed about the occasion.

  5. How can I make sure my outfit looks good in photos?

    • Choose outfits that fit well and complement your body shape. Make sure to have a trial photo shoot before finalizing your outfit to see how it looks on camera and make any necessary adjustments.

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