8 Most Expensive Lunch Spots in Chicago

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Chicago boasts a diverse culinary scene catering to varied tastes—from European classics to American fare and Asian fusion. For those valuing ambiance over cost, the city offers upscale dining experiences. Several of the world's priciest restaurants are located here, ensuring a memorable lunch reservation and leaving your dining companion impressed (unless, of course, you leave them with the bill).

Cherry Circle Room - $180 Average Cost Per Person

Last on the agenda is the Cherry Circle Room, a top notch lunch spot providing ample reason to dress up and indulge. The atmosphere exudes luxury, complemented by a menu that expertly modernizes traditional fare. Don't overlook the Seafood Tower if you adore seafood—an impressive array of Mexican blue shrimp, king crab, Maine lobster tail, and oysters, priced at approximately $145. Alternatively, for meat enthusiasts, the 40oz Prime Axe Handle Rib Steak at $110 is a must-try.

El Ideas - $195 Average Cost Per Person

From its unassuming outer view, El Ideas seems like any other place, but a mere glance at its remarkable menu unveils why it's a top lunch spot in Chicago. If you're hungry and have about $195 to spare, indulge in Chef Phillip Foss's tasting menu featuring delights like Thai crab, miso sweetbreads, and crème Fraiche huckleberry. It's a gastronomic adventure worth experiencing at least once.

LH Rooftop - $200 Average Cost Per Person

The LH Rooftop forms a component of the LondonHouse project, an upscale hotel venture initiated by the Oxford Capital Group back in 2013. Dining at LH Rooftop elevates you above the urban glow, offering a luxurious experience. While not all dishes come with sky-high prices, indulging in their premium offerings can set you back $200 per person easily. This encompasses innovative interpretations of American fare like the country-fried A5 wagyu steak with shoyu demiglaze, shrimp de jonghe, and an espresso martini.


Claudia - $275 Average Cost Per Person

Chef/Owner Trevor Teich's homage to his mother, this chic venue combines modern design with an innovative menu. The Chef’s Table, the most expensive option, offers a seasonal tasting menu with up to 15 courses, showcasing unique twists and surprises. This intimate dining experience, priced at $275 per person, promises culinary drama and flair, complemented by Claudia's impressive cocktail selection.


Esmé - $275 Average Cost Per Person

Esmé, adorned with a prestigious Michelin star, distinguishes itself through its community-centric approach, offering both locals and travelers a culturally immersive dining affair. Chef Jenner Tomaska and Katrina Bravo craft a philanthropic and artistic fusion in Lincoln Park, redefining fine dining. Chef Jenner's food speaks volumes, as reflected in the absence of menus on the website, showcasing only exquisite past creations. The top offering, a $275 per person multi-course tasting menu, boasts unexpected flavor combinations, like seared Rouget filet atop bean purée with matsutake mushrooms. Expect three and a half to four-hour dining journey featuring luxurious surprises, such as white sweet potato & miso ice cream crowned with Osetra caviar.

Oriole - $325 Average Cost Per Person

Renovated to exude even more elegance, Oriole, boasting two Michelin stars, now flaunts breathtaking ceilings and a grand bar. Diners witness the culinary spectacle firsthand with an open kitchen showcasing Chef Noah Sandoval's hyper-seasonal creations. Under Beverage Director Aaron McManus and mixologist Julie Momose's guidance, Oriole delivers an unforgettable dining journey. The Extended Tasting Menu, priced at $325 per person (prepaid), leads the offerings. Expect a dynamic menu featuring dishes like raw hiramasa in apple broth and inventive twists on classics like sablefish with amazake. Indulge in inspired desserts like lemon soufflé with Délice de Bourgogne, redefining the cheese course tradition.

Moody Tongue - $330 Average Cost Per Person

For beer enthusiasts visiting Chicago, Moody Tongue is a must-visit. Chef Jared Wentworth and Master Brewer Jared Rouben have pioneered the world's only 2 Michelin-starred brewery and dining experience. Offering a masculine ambiance, Moody Tongue pairs hyper-seasonal dishes like lightly poached Maine lobster and seared Hudson Valley foie gras with an extensive selection of craft brews. Their ambitious menu features dishes like spiced tomato water-poached lobster and burnt peach dashi foie gras. Opt for the $330 tasting menu, boasting up to 15 courses of luxurious seafood like Kaluga caviar and Alaskan halibut, paired with unique beers and decadent desserts like tres leches cake.

Alinea - $355 Average Cost Per Person

Few dining establishments require admission, but Alinea isn't your average lunch spot. Consider indulging in The Gallery Menu if you're up for it—a lavish 18-course tasting experience demanding 4-5 hours of your time. While the price tag can reach $355 per diner (subject to change based on timing), the culinary journey orchestrated by Chef Grant Achatz makes Alinea, Chicago's most expensive restaurant, an investment well worth it.

Final Words

Indulge in lavish dining experiences showcasing exquisite steaks, seafood, and innovative culinary wonders, but be ready for hefty bills. Exploring Chicago's culinary legacy demands a budget of hundreds per diner at these esteemed establishments. Don't forget, expenses escalate with drink selections, taxes, and tips, especially when savoring world-class cuisine.

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