A Beginner's Guide To Purchase Man-Made Diamonds

Today’s people are well aware about man-made diamonds. In the past days people had to depend on the natural diamonds to be dug out from the ore to get a piece of diamond. Hence, it was considered as the most precious gems in the world. People have been using diamond as a precious stone for making jewelries in spite of its high price. However, scientists always tried to create perfect synthetic diamond. Finally, the modern scientists of 21stcentury got success in creating artificial diamonds.

You will get thousands of reasons to purchase these synthetic diamonds instead of buying the mined one. First of all, the price is a great factor, as the price charged for the mined ones are literally an illusion for the general people. This is the reason people are tending to buy the man-made synthetic diamonds as they are comparatively cheap and are within the buying capacity of normal people.

Literally, good synthetic diamonds are indistinguishable from the mined ones. However, they cost thousands dollars less. The most important dilemma people face while buying the synthetic ones is which one to choose. With so many varieties in the market it is really difficult to decide on a particular type of variety.

Here are some popular types of synthetic diamonds that you can choose from:

Cubic Zirconia:

This is considered as the most important among the synthetic diamonds. They are available plenty around the world. Such is their excellence that you can tellZirconia as one of the finest and decent replica of mined diamonds.oweverHH

 However, the commodity like availability and plenty use of these diamonds have made them significant to the low cost jewelry material. Although cheap in price, they are not for fine made jewelries.

Russian Diamonds:

These diamonds are a dignified version of CubicZirconia. They are better in quality and are available in a large number. They are priced roughly around $250 to @300 per carat. These products are considered as fine jewelry material and are usually found in precious jewelry settings.


It is a lab created material which is used as a diamond simulant. They have been in the market for making fine jewelry during the last few decades and have achieved little popularity. Like original diamond, Moissanite is also a hard material that cut glass. Although much cheaper than the mined diamonds mossanites are little costly when compared to the other synthetic counterparts. They usually cost a fair amount of $500-$600 per carat of good quality products.


Nexus is considered among one of the most important results of scientific experiments with the synthetic diamonds. It is an advanced process and has only been available in the US. It is used as gemstones and is also used as a diamond simulants. They exactly match some of the qualities of mined gems. They also cut glass and are virtually identical to the parameter of the Mohs hardness scale. They have perfect radiance that resemblance to the original mined ones.


According to the Mohs scale, sapphire is the second largest natural mineral. They are only surpassed by mined diamonds. The most important part about Sapphire is that, unlike the other man made diamonds, they are natural stone and can be a great alternative for mined diamond.


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