A Recap: What Web Development Trends Shined in 2020


So much has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. Most businesses have struggled to stay afloat, and industries have been forced to adjust to the “new normal” where markets have shifted in a completely new direction.

But through it all, web development has seen a steady rise in demand, especially now that more businesses are focusing on building their online presence.    

Looking back at the year that was, here are some of the best web development trends that shined in 2020:

Progressive web applications

Consumers rely a lot on apps to get what they need fast and easy, but some businesses do not have the budget to afford their own mobile app.

Thankfully, you can now invest in a progressive web application with the help of a web development company that allows you to offer modern features to your customers without the need for them to download an app.

A progressive web app will give you the benefit of a faster loading time, regular updates, security, user engagement and even an offline mode.

JavaScript and Python

 You cannot talk about web development without programming languages, and two of the most popular choices are JavaScript and Python.

For many years, JavaScript has dominated programming languages around the world and almost every web development company has used it because it helps create dynamic web pages through its object-oriented language.

Python, on the other hand, has been a close competitor offering an interpreted programming language that is utilized in a wide range of applications like YouTube, Instagram, and other cloud-based platforms.

Push notifications

Every web development company knows how massive push notifications are in promoting customer engagement. These features allow you to reach and keep your audience by sending them personalized offers, reminders, messages and news about your business and industry, so they always remember you.

Push notifications are a great tool for notifying your consumers about special deals, new blog posts, discounts, or a product launch, all without them having to constantly check on your website.


Single page applications

With consumer attention becoming increasingly thin, it is very important for web development companies to find ways to keep the engagement going.

A single-page application (SPA) is a kind of app that reduces loading time by working inside the browser using JavaScript to display content, so it looks like you are only browsing one page. This app is used in popular web pages such as Facebook and Gmail.

Finally, there’s cloud computing, which helps address internal storage problems in a lot of websites. Web developers lean towards cloud computing programs because they allow remote servers that extra storage space to keep apps functioning seamlessly without eating up your device’s internal memory.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing including accessibility, security, mobility, and of course, cost reduction. Dropbox and Google Cloud are two of the most popular cloud computing platforms today and they have been proven extra useful for all types of businesses that want to increase their efficiency without spending a lot.

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