A Short Introduction to Automated Trading Using Robots

Executing a successful trade requires dedication and patience, and you must be willing to thoroughly research the market to strategize before opening a position. As a trader, it is equally essential to constantly track your active trades to ensure you never miss out on arising opportunities. Sadly, these processes in managing trades can be overwhelming for any trader in the financial market.

The good news is that the current market is technology-driven, and investors are seeking the best technological tools that will give them an edge over their competition. Also known as algorithmic trading, automated trading involves trades being executed using online computer programs via reputable brokers. Keep reading to understand the roles automated trading plays in the financial market.

Benefits of Automated Trading 101

Automated trading can benefit your activities as long as you choose a reputable automated broker. The best element about automated trading is that it minimizes the many tasks traders experience trading manually. Additionally, algorithmic trading is more accurate than humans since the automated tools are AI-powered and precisely tailored to track the market while picking up potentially profitable signals. Furthermore, automated trading saves you a lot of time to focus on other essential matters. You only need to spend 15-20 daily tracking an automated software’s performance to ensure your trades are executed as expected.

Here are other benefits of automated trading.

  1. There is increased accuracy in trades since order execution is instant and at the desired levels.
  2. Eliminates trading based on psychological and emotional factors, thus reducing the possibility of mistakes.
  3. It's easy to incorporate more data into a trade and execute multiple positions.
  4. Traders benefit from more generated trade signals, which help them make the best trading decisions.
  5. Automated trading software operates 24/7, thus maximizing your opportunities to benefit from all arising signals.

How Automated Trading 101 Works

There are numerous automated trading software in the market today to manage your trades. These tools are AI-powered, meaning they apply machine learning in tracking the financial market to pick potentially profitable signals. Once the best signals are identified, the automated software sends them to integrated brokers using APIs, where your trades are executed.

Note that most, if not all, automated trading tools do not have inbuilt wallets to store their users’ funds. In this regard, they partner with various brokers who store your trading money and use them to automatically execute trades on your behalf. While beginners confident in their skills can benefit from automated trading, we highly recommend it to expert traders with vast experience.

As a trader, you must be keen when looking for an automated broker, whether you are trading stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. Thoroughly conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the automated broker you use is regulated by world-recognized authorities and features elements meeting your trading requirements.

For instance, you can click to find some of the most highly recommended automated brokers in the UK. Such brokers have been tested and approved by expert researchers, and you do not need to go through overwhelming research procedures to find one. You simply have to select your preferred option and activate the trade automation feature to manage your trades.

Overall, automated trading is suitable for traders taking positions in a highly dynamic market like cryptocurrency. You can also use an automated platform to manage CFD positions. Since CFD trading using leverage is highly risky, ensure you are equipped with a solid strategy and track your position for increased profitability.


Automated trading might sound easy, but it isn't, and many traders still lose money automating their positions. To effectively benefit from this trading method, you must be knowledgeable about computer programming to understand how trading software operate and track their activities. With this knowledge, it will also be easier for you to test an automated software before activating it in the live markets. Moreover, you must understand the financial market and choose the best asset to maximize your potential.

We always encourage traders to use reputable brokers to automate their trades because they guarantee your funds’ safety, and you have an option to switch to manual trading if need be. Luckily, many legit sites like TradingGuide recommend the best-automated brokers. So, choose wisely.


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