Across Europe In An Electric Car. How Ready Are We For The Electric Age?

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Recently, electric cars have become a fashionable means of transport, advertised everywhere possible and presented to each of us as a non-alternative future. Thanks to this, many people buy such cars without considering the potential negative aspects they will encounter on their first trip. In this regard, some drivers are beginning to wonder how efficient such cars are today and whether they can help them have an exciting journey around Europe. We propose to study this issue together and assess our readiness for the widespread use of electric cars.

Travel costs

Today, traveling around Europe in an electric car is an expensive proposition. First, it will require appropriate transport, which costs several times more than models with fuel engines. In this regard, not many are willing to overpay and increase the cost of travel as much as possible. To reduce costs a little, you can purchase a salvaged Mini Cooper, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.4, Audi E-Tron, Honda eNS1, Hyundai Kona and other famous models at special auctions. After restoration, they will be as good as new and can travel around Europe for many years. This option saves you much money and makes today’s travel by electric car more financially accessible.

Finding a gas station

Europe is one of the leaders in the number of built filling stations for electric cars. Despite this, in most economically developed countries, there is still a shortage of places to recharge your vehicle’s battery. This situation makes us insufficiently prepared for the electric era and indicates that we should wait to abandon fuel models completely. In addition, the complete lack of desire of the governments of some countries to develop refueling infrastructure (due to low profitability) adds to the negativity. In this regard, traveling around Europe in an electric car becomes even more problematic since, during the trip, the priority task will be not to explore various sights and natural beauties but to find suitable places to charge the battery.

Power reserve

One of the critical disadvantages of modern electric cars is their short range. On average, on one battery charge, it can travel only about 180 km, which is incommensurate with the 600-700 km a full fuel tank can almost always guarantee. In this regard, today's electric cars cannot be called ready for traveling around Europe. Even considering the presence of a developed refueling infrastructure in some countries, the owners of such a vehicle will have to make frequent stops and wait a long time until the battery is charged to 95%-100%. This will create a significant inconvenience that will cause many travelers to look for a fuel car or hybrid model for their next trip. The situation becomes even more difficult in winter. With the onset of cold weather, battery energy is consumed faster since a significant part is used to heat the interior and seats. Because of this, the already not very large power reserve of the electric car has decreased by about 25% to 30%.

Accumulator charging

Electric cars sold today allow their owners to save on gas stations. On average, it takes ten times less money to recharge the battery of such a vehicle than to refuel a fuel car with gasoline or diesel fuel. This positive aspect partially covers the various problems that anyone who travels around Europe today will encounter. The main one will be the high frequency and duration of stops at gas stations. Charging an average modern electric car will take from 50 minutes to several hours. Even if you manage to find a particular station along the way that provides the fastest DC charging, then in this case, you will have to spend at least 25 minutes. Many travelers will call such temporary losses unacceptable, indicating that we are not sufficiently prepared for the era of electric vehicles.

Reliability and safety

One of the positive aspects of traveling around Europe in an electric car is a feeling of security and confidence in your transport. Modern models, even from less well-known manufacturers, are highly reliable. Their design has much fewer parts that can quickly wear out or break. In this regard, the probability of completing your trip without needing to visit a car service center will be high.

There will be no problems with security. Electric cars produced today fully comply with all requirements and reliably protect people inside from various troubles. In addition to traditional safety features, they are equipped with multiple systems that help the driver control the vehicle and avoid potential dangers on the road. This minimizes the risk of completing a trip around Europe in one of the hospitals. Let's look at the overall situation with the reliability and safety of electric cars. We can confidently say that they are superior to models with a fuel engine in almost every way. Therefore, in this aspect, humanity is already ready for a complete transition to environmentally friendly transport.

Caring for the environment

Traveling around Europe, you will see that most countries take various measures to protect the environment. In this regard, using electric cars during such a trip is the correct solution. Due to the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, these vehicles can be used almost anywhere, even in any protected natural area. At the same time, an electric car cannot be called entirely environmentally friendly. During the production of its batteries, the atmosphere is polluted by various substances. Although it is not as strong as when using a car with a fuel engine, humanity will have to solve this problem in the future.


Many experts and ordinary drivers consider electric cars much more comfortable than models with fuel engines. This is explained by their excellent maneuverability, thanks to which the control process turns into a pleasant and not tiring experience. In addition, all-electric cars operate quietly. They relieve the driver and passengers from the annoying hum of the engine, which positively affects comfort during a long trip around Europe. The interior of such a vehicle has everything found in cars with a fuel engine, so there are no severe differences. In connection with the above, the transition to electric cars will only positively impact the comfort of drivers and passengers.

The transition to electric cars is a complex procedure, which today creates new problems more than helps solve existing ones. However, when using such transport when traveling around Europe, you will notice the negative and the positive. He gives hope that countries that are not yet fully ready for electric cars will be able to change the situation soon and be well prepared for the inevitable deliverance from polluting transport.

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