Are Mom Jeans Making a Comeback?

The 80s and 90s saw the rise and fall of the much-revered denim icon, the mom jeans. Originally made famous by the Material Girl herself Madonna, jeans for women went through a comfort renaissance, as more women came to view “the blue” as a wardrobe essential.  Although this style has been in hibernation for the best part of 30 years, the recent pandemic and Gen Z’s rejection of 00s staple skinnies have sparked an unexpected rebirth.

Famous for its high waist and relaxed fit through the thigh before tapering functionally at the ankle, mom jeans are perfect for elongating the leg to make you appear taller. Whether you’re a fan of the mom jean or not, there’s no denying this cut combines both comfort and style.

So how do we define a comeback when most of us haven’t been able to leave the house to work, travel or play?

Let’s Check the Data

Thanks in part to a continued pandemic, comfort has consistently kicked tighter cuts to the kerbside of search results, with slim fit jeans (the so-called trendy cousin of skinnies) barely a blip on the radar. With this in mind, it seems only fitting to compare mom jeans to their closest competitor, affectionately known as boyfriend jeans.

Mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans - what’s the difference?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that mom jeans are essentially the same as boyfriend jeans and vice versa, however, there are a few subtle differences that set these two denim styles apart. First things first, boyfriend jeans have a straighter and shorter waist to resemble a traditional male cut, whereas mom jeans tend to sit a little higher with a smaller waistband to highlight or create curves. As for the overall fit, boyfriend styles fit looser around the crotch area and legs, while mom jeans are more relaxed on the bottom and thighs. Length-wise, mom jeans are often cropped and neat, while boyfriend lines are full length and often styled with the bottoms rolled up or cuffed… less polished, but oh-so-comfortable.

What body shapes best suit mom jeans?

Thanks to their high cut, relaxed leg and tapered ankle, mom jeans complement most body shapes. Whether you’re tall, petite, athletic, or curvaceous, there’s sure to be a pair of mom jeans that will fit and flatter your figure.

Who do they suit at a glance? Hourglass lasses will love the natural cinch of the hips and waist, while classic pear-shapes will enjoy the comfortable fit through the thighs.

Who shouldn’t rock mom jeans? Everybody should buy mom jeans. Don’t feel limited by shape guides!

How to style mom jeans

So, you’ve decided to ditch your skinny jeans in favour of a new pair of mom jeans, but you’re not sure how to style them? We’re happy to be the bearers of good news - mom jeans are incredibly versatile and easy to style. Whether you’re off to brunch, a job interview or working from home, a well-matched pair of mom jeans can be dressed up, dressed down and made your own.

Experiment with Colour

Although classic mom jeans typically come in a vintage blue, these days you can choose from black, light blue, acid wash, or styles featuring detailing and rips, which allows them to be easily mixed and matched to create a range of different looks.

Office-Friendly Casual Chic

For a casual but on trend office look, make your mom jeans pop with an oversized blazer and a pair of leather mules. Elevate this look with a pair of heels and a pop of bright lipstick to take it from office chic to Friday drinks.

Layer Up

Heading out for a weekend of fun? Style your mom jeans with a pair of white sneakers and a t-shirt or button-up linen top. If the weather is a little on the cooler side, then a longline cardigan or slouchy sweater makes a winning combination!

If you’re looking to upgrade your denim this season, then why not add a pair of mom jeans to your collection? Versatile, flattering, and comfortable to boot, the classic mom jean can take you from work to play with a few simple accessories. Are you ready to say goodbye to your stovepipes?

Written by:Kate Gunn
Marketing Assistant at Myer

Kate has over a decade of fashion experience, covering everything from catwalk looks to cost effective catalogues. When she isn't writing about clothes, Kate loves watching bad rom-coms and relaxing on social media.




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