Art Is in Her Blood: Provocative Sculptures by Ella Kogan

Art and music were an integral part of Ella Kogan’s real-life world ever since she was a child. Her father was a distinguished Russian painter, a follower of Ilya Repin’s school of realist art, while her son, a budding abstract painter, infuses creativity and originality into the family’s expanding business. Ella sees her art as a form of communication, and she frequently refers to how her sculptures “speak” to different people in different voices. In every one of her works she strives to capture eternal elements of the human condition. Her sculptures seem to exist in an intermediate state between generalized personal vision and the portrayal of realistic, living, breathing beings. Ella Kogan’s sculptural pieces are never still, rigid or stagnant. On the contrary, they are always changing, with the intensity of visual perception depending on the observer’s position, viewpoint and mood. While she tells JustLuxe how her art expresses her, rather than vice versa, Ella never insists on any one interpretation of her work.

When did you first begin sculpting?

I started sculpting when I was in my thirties. Before that, I always thought of myself as a musician first. Music is a major vehicle for all of my creativework. I frequently need to listen to recordings of classical music when I put the final finishing touches on my sculptures.

What made you pick sculpting as your art form?  What is it about sculpting that called out to you?

The way I see it, sculpting chose me. I did not consciously select sculpting as my art form. I feel the clay and I trust the clay. This trust is reciprocal;it is an important and mutual partnership. For me, malleable and moldable clay is a perfect material for implementing the “mind to finger” process.

Carly Zinderman

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